[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop – Fun Fun Tour Episode 2/4 27 Jul 2014

We at Crayon Pop Me Subs (formerly Crayon Pop Slave Subs) have finally released Crayon Pop’s Fun Fun Tour Ep. 2 where Crayon Pop spends 6 days in Gangwondo. Join Crayon Pop as they enjoy the village life by playing games, catching trout and chickens with their bare hands. Fans of Family Outing might find it nostalgic!

Was Ellin a little bit squeamish? Was Soyul a master thug? What about Geummi’s sudden mental breakdown? Leave your comments below or on YouTube about what you think of the episode.

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team

Korean QC: hg4wee
Translators: CKtalon, copyrightedx
Timers: aRrgh, SketchbooksID