[ENG SUB] Crayon Pop Fun Fun Tour Episode 1/4 11 Aug 2014

We at Crayon Pop Me Subs (formerly Crayon Pop Slave Subs) have finally released Crayon Pop’s Fun Fun Tour Ep. 1 where Crayon Pop spends 6 days in Gangwondo. In this episode, we see them do chores and various farm activities.

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team

Korean QC: hg4wee
Translators: Corn, tjin20, toot, CKtalon
Timers: aRrgh, delyn, hana
Encoder: kpopper2014

  • numetal_militia

    Thanks guys! Procrastination mode ON.

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  • h4iumb1

    Great job! Thanks!!

  • Amo

    Thanks for the subs 😀 I loved this series!

  • Sakurai

    You guys are the best!!!

  • Meeeee

    Why is it private now?

    • Possible copyright issues. They will be temporarily taken down.

  • Meeeee

    Why is the video private now?