[ENG SUB] CHROME-IN Episode 4 13 Dec 2014

This Chrome-In episode features a table tennis match between infamous manager Wife Jung and Bob Girls’ Jina. Who would win?

Next is the first episode Crayon Pop appears as one for the DongA Lifestyle Awards on 10 Dec 2014. Check out what they do backstage!

Geummi’s Mokbang show or ‘eating broadcast’ is revealed as she takes her revenge on Soyul by eating Jokbal (pig’s trotters) and dessert.

Finally, Zan Zan and K-Much have their bungee jump experience in hopes of a better 2015.

This was a collaboration with 百度Crayon Pop吧, who kindly provided their subtitles.

Crayon Pop Me Subs Team
Translators: Hoonbin, CKtalon
Timers: apieth

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvilFtVPF1c

  • PopjusshiG

    Thanks again for the subs!!!!!

  • GBuster

    Was episode 2 subbed?

    • CP Ranger

      Episode 2 has not been subbed. Using my deductive reasoning skills, I had previously surmised that episode 3 (Soyul’s Mokbang show) was considerately subbed first in order to coincide with Soyul’s Y-Shirt MV release. An extra promotional boost for Soyul. 🙂
      As for the release order of any future subs, it looks like whatever resources are available. Description of episode 4 shows subs shared from Korean to Chinese. So subs were most likely made from Chinese to English.
      Please correct me if I am wrong, administrator. 😉
      (And, as always, thank you to all the volunteers helping with the subs!)

  • Geiza Alvarez

    thank u very very much. WE LOVE YOU

  • Minerva Ruth Canillas

    Gamsahamnida CrayonPop.me~!! <3