[ENG SUB] 160830 Crayon Pop on V Live

Crayon Pop held their guerrilla stream “Crayon Pop Jeju Island Tour” on 30 Aug 2016 on V Live. Check out the video with English subs. Remember to give “Hearts” (on the mobile app)!

[V LIVE] 크레용팝 제주도행

As for the subs, you can download it here.


  • Nacho Bidnith

    Thank you for posting this vid with ENG subs! I really appreciate your hard work!

  • CP Ranger

    Guerrilla stream. Haha… I like the sound of that. Too bad the time difference makes it difficult for some of us in different timezones.
    Kudos to west coast person in California getting up before 5am to watch and comment on their v live shows. 🙂