Ellin’s Recent Activities

Ellin has recently been engaging in some photoshoots and modeling as seen from her occasional Instagram Lives like this and that. It has apparently got to do with a cosmetic brand, Dynamiz, whose opening was attended by Ellin and Geummi. Crayon Pop’s former manager, Wife Jung, is apparently involved in this venture as part of a Korean Friends business initiative.

Catch some of the behind-the-scenes of her photoshoot.

Also, watch the video of the opening of the storefront for Dynamiz.

  • ian chan

    “Ellin has recently been engaging…..”
    this first couple of words almost made my heart stop!!!!
    “…..in some photoshoots and modeling….”

    • h4iumb1


    • Genki

      “Ellin has recently been engaging….”

      “in mortal combat!”
      lol jk

  • h4iumb1

    It´s not easy to keep up with Ellin´s activities when only understanding a little bit korean, so thanks a lot for this informative article. 👍

  • whatevs

    Wifi Jung!!!

    • CP Hwaiting

      damn I recognised him

  • Gabe Santiago

    *Kim Min-Young – a.k.a. “Ellin” has so much body & sex-appeal that the excess would be enough to make a twin sister! ♥♥!!