Current Bid to Win #1 for SBS ‘The Show’

Crayon Pop got 4th in the show.

The ranking break down is as follows.



We lost on the Korean prescore by a huge margin, which was unexpected. We are deeply saddened that this happened even though we won the Chinese poll. Through your donations, we contributed 1750 votes out of the 21161 votes (8.2%) although we could have done a little bit more (read the report at the bottom). Thank you very much to everyone for your donations. We hope Crayon Pop will know that we tried our best in the segments that we could make a difference. We also didn’t do too badly on the Korean SMS’ which is a great relief (considering we got 12.6% of the SMS votes). Full disclosure of the donations and amounts spent are at the end of the post.

Update: As expected Crayon Pop is a nominee for #1 against 4 others, Red Velvet, FT Island, K.will and Minah.

For the live viewing of the China side of voting, one can view the page on Laifeng. The donations received will be used to be voted on that site. Each vote costs 1 RMB.

Remember to SMS for the Korea side of voting!

On the 31 March 2015, we can help out with the voting by international SMS text message. 4 minutes into the show, they will announce the nominees for #1, and provide a number. You need to text the idol group name, i.e., 크레용팝 to +82 1119 or +82#1119 (Might change on actual day, +82 is the Korean country code). To ensure our vote counts, change your time zone to Korean Standard time, +9 GMT. There is an additional fee of 100 KRW (0.10 USD). Voting ends approximately at 8:55PM KST.

To those who do not know how to type Hangul, add a Korean keyboard, and the keys to press are “zmfpdydvkq”. You can also try texting yourself the words 크레용팝  on the computer (depending on your service provider). Of course there will be international fees, but you can only vote once (voting more than once is not allowed and might result in points being deducted), so it will not cost much. So, please help if you see that Crayon Pop is up for #1 on Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

If you would like to donate, please look read the last part of this article.

The Show (Hangul: 더쇼) is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV. It airs live every Tuesday at 8:00-9:00PM KST. 7:00AM EST, 4:00 PT. Unlike the other 4 music shows, ‘The Show’ has a vastly different scoring system, where fans from China are allowed to vote for their idols. The score system is as such

Pre-score (From 26 March to 30 March 2015) 70%
Korea: Album sales + Digital sales + SNS 35%
China: Tudou Music video views + Pay vote items 35%

Each placing gets a certain score. They are split as follows
1st place gets 3500
2nd place gets 3325
3rd place gets 3150
4th place gets 2975
5th place gets 2800
6th place gets 2625

So the maximum score one can get on the pre-score is 7000.

The top 5 groups with the highest combined pre-score will be chosen as nominees for the number 1 spot. The decision of the winner is then dependent on live voting.

Live voting (for The Show Choice nominees only) 30%
Korea: SMS text votes 15%
China: Laifeng votes 15%

Each segment has a maximum of 1500 points (15%).

The group will get the percentage of votes from the respective countries. For example, if Crayon Pop gets 50% of the text votes in Korea, they will get 750 points, and if they got 90% of the votes from China, they will get 1350 points, for  a total of 2100 points out of 3000 possible points.

Historically, the winners with the highest scores ranged between 8084 to 9850 out of 10,000.

Crayon Pop is #1 in both view counts and pay vote items on the Tudou charts with #2 being FT Island, #3 K.Will and #4 Red Velvet. The pay vote items are in terms of points, where 500 points = 5RMB (0.81USD).

On the Korean side of things, international fans have been helping with album sales, but unfortunately we have not been able to help out with digital sales. We have also been helping with the SNS component by tweeting “@SBS_MTV #더쇼 #크레용팝”. We will update the post if we can help further with the Korean side of things.

This results in an estimated total pre-show score of 6475 – 6650 out of 7000. We won the Chinese segment of the prescore, giving us a minimum of 3500 points.

We have received commitment from China, together with the support of Hong Kong and Taiwan to maintain the #1 lead on the pre-show score and also to vote during the live voting segment. However funds are needed to continue their support on the Chinese side. We are hence opening a donation drive. You can donate any amount you want (but keep it reasonable at ~10USD) through PayPal to *snip*. Of course, there is no guarantee we will win even with this donation drive, and we hope the donors will not have any hard feelings if we lose. Thank you very much for donating.

Donors list
S***n M***n: $25
F***o V***i: $10
Anonymous $25
M***l K***t: $15
A***n R***l: $20
B***b W***s: $50
M***l G***e: $10
D***d T***i: $25
N***m L***e: $10
NeonMoon: $20
Y*** C***: $20
P***g J***e: $10
M***a V***l: $40
Taiwanese fan: $65
Taiwanese fan: $65

Total: $420 (576SGD)
We bought 2,580,000 Laifeng’s Star dollars (1000 Star dollars = 1RMB), which came up to 550SGD. However, only 1,750,000 points were used up for voting due to our last minute burst. Since we vote by holding down a button to charge our votes, we did it in two bursts (it takes about 10 seconds to dump 300 votes). The 2nd burst was still going on when they cut off the voting. Fans with a sharp eye keeping tabs on the score would have noticed the sharp ~2000 point increase from 19+k to 21+k near the end. That was us. The remaining 830,000 Laifeng points or 830 RMB/votes equivalent to 133.90SGD will be used for future ‘The Show’ voting if the opportunity arises. The remaining money (26SGD) will be put to use for site maintenance and to also cover the exchange fees Paypal imposed on us for 2 donors. They come from donors S***n M***n who donated 25USD, M***l K***t who donated 15USD.

Donations are closed. An admin is currently purchasing the points before the show starts since buying points is a time consuming process.
We are not including your donation amount to keep our reserves a secret. Donation values have been reflected again.