and its features was launched approximately one month ago and according to our analytics has grown to become the top English Crayon Pop portal. In just a single month we have had approximately 130 posts which averages to about 4 posts a day with views increasing daily. We would like to thank our visitors and will keep working hard to provide an awesome experience for you in this wonderful Crayon Pop fandom. We have also obtained affiliates from all over the world as seen in the ‘Affiliates Sites’ on the side bar to the right. If you identify with any of those communities, be sure to follow them too for a better experience in your native language! is also gearing up to take on bigger projects for the international fandom. The donations we have received for the 2nd year anniversary have been wonderful. We would like to thank all the generous fans for donating. Donations are still open till the end of June! With the amount of funds we currently have, we will be able to donate more than 200 kg (440 lbs) of rice in Crayon Pop’s name. Additionally, we can’t wait to release exciting news for those in the Los Angeles area on the 22nd of July!

Because the site has only been up for a month, we are still looking to add more features to the website. If you aren’t aware, here are some features that you might have missed:

IRC chatroom

Located in the menu at the top right of the site, click CHAT. It is the Crayon Pop subreddit‘s chatroom and always has at least 30 fans online at all times of the day. Most of the regulars, including the, Crayon Pop Slave Subs team, are up-to-date with Crayon Pop knowledge. So feel free to join the chatroom if you have some burning questions you would like to ask about Crayon Pop. If you are familiar with IRC, we are located on, #crayonpop. Feel free to use your IRC client of choice!


In the same menu bar at the top right of the site, hover over ABOUT/CONTACT. A menu will pop up, click the relevant link.

  • Crayon Pop Member Profiles
    The page currently provides generic information about Crayon Pop’s members and is still in development. We plan to add information such as inside jokes, member history, in time to come. You are also welcomed to provide us a full write up of your favorite member. We will edit it as we deem fit. Please email us at .
  • Chrome Ent. Staff Profiles
    Many fans who watch Crayon Pop TV will have seen a large number of Chrome Ent. staff, such as Wife Jung, the CEO, and others. We provide some basic information about them, so that a new fan wouldn’t be lost amidst all the references. Click on the staff’s portrait to access the staff’s writeup.


We provide an up-to-date calendar of Crayon Pop’s schedule again in the menu at the top right of the site. Currently (June-July 2014), Crayon Pop’s schedule is solely in the USA so there is nothing much for now. We will update it as new schedules are added when Crayon Pop returns to Korea.

Subbed Videos

As members of Crayon Pop Slave Subs are also in the team, it is easier for fans to obtain access to English subbed videos that are not on YouTube due to copyright infringement. You can find them using the tag #notonyoutube to watch them all. Be careful, the rabbit hole just gets deeper once you start watching them!

Twitter Translations

With CPSS translators whose first language is Korean, we aim to translate Crayon Pop’s Twitter messages as soon as possible. We also try to explain certain context that may be lost to a non-native. All the tweets can be accessed using the tag #twitter on our site.

News Translations

We also translate interesting Crayon Pop news reported by the Korean media. We strive to be the premier source of English Crayon Pop news.


We are always looking to expand! We are looking for contributors/authors (preferably with some Korean literacy) and translators to join us. Translations are not the only way to contribute. If you attended a Crayon Pop event and wish to share your experiences with the Crayon Pop fandom at large, be sure to contact us!


That’s about all the current features has to offer at the moment. If you have a feature request, feel free to email us or leave a comment in the comments section below!