2 Year Anniversary Rice Wreath

It is common in Korean pop music culture for fans to express their support for their favorite artists.  Fans enjoy doing so by providing gifts and personal messages for their favorite artists.  These gifts and messages are meant to convey appreciation for the artists and inspire them to continue to pursue their career goals.  Fans may individually provide their artists with gifts, but have banded together to commemorate larger events.  In recent years, fans have chosen more socially responsible means of supporting their favorite artists.  One of the more popular gifts given to pop artists to commemorate large events are rice wreaths.  Rice wreaths are bags of rice that are decorated with fan messages, ribbons, and photos.  The purpose of gifting rice wreaths, is that large quantities of rice are then donated to charity on behalf of the commemorated pop artists.  Overall, it is a great option for showing support.

It has officially been 2 years since Crayon Pop’s debut as pop artists/musicians!  With the support of Crayon Pop fans like yourself, we have successfully donated a whopping 310kg of rice on behalf of Crayon Pop and Chrome Entertainment. We here at couldn’t thank you enough and hope that you continue to show your support for years to come!