Crayon Pop’s Way to participate in musical “Love Comes with the Rain”

SS501’s Kim Kyujong, Crayon Pop’s Way, gagman Moon Seyoon, gag woman, Jang Doyeon were cast in the 20th anniversary “Love Comes with the Rain” musical performance.

On the 19th, production company CHOIS Entertainment revealed both the cast and that the 20th anniversary of “Love Comes with the Rain-SABITA Since 1995″ will begin from 6 June to 30 August.

Crayon Pop’s Way has been casted for the role of Yoo Miri in “Love Comes with the Rain” 20th anniversary musical. In 2013, girl group Crayon Pop made headlines domestically and internationally with their song “Bar Bar Bar”, Crayon Pop’s member Way will have her first challenge in musical performance with the role of Yoo Miri. Way, who has broadened her realm through activities in China’s variety program, will show a different side of her in this musical.

From 6 June to 30 August, the musical will be held in Seoul’s Daehangno Uniplex Building 2. Tickets will be available on the 25th through Interpark and Auction.

In the current released schedule, Way will take on the dates for 6, 9, 12, 16, 17, 21, 24, 26 June.

Source: FNNews