Crayon Pop’s Way To Challenge Theater For The First Time With Jjambbong

Girl group Crayon Pop’s Way (Huh Min Sun) to challenge theater for the first time since debut.

Play ‘Jjambbong ‘(playwright Yoon Jung Hwan)’s novel setting opens up on 5/18, as the result of a bowl of jjambbong. After an incident on 5/18, the defending of Chu Rae Won family’s rustic dream of a Chinese restaurant is the show’s version of the events.

It premiered in 2004 and every May finds an audience. Giving big smile and dark impressiveness, Jjambbong has accumulated an audience of 10 million people.

Way, in the play, will keep you entertained with various charms through the role of Jina.

Also, in this year’s Jjambbong,  KBS2 ‘Chief Kim’, JTBC ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’’s Kim Won Hee is expected to appear in the play.

Jjambbong will be performed at the Shindorim Prime Art Hall From 5/11 to 7/2.

Source: Tenasia