Crayon Pop’s STM interview Translated


“Huh?”. This was the reaction of many who first saw Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar”. These five mysterious girls who invoked curiosity began topping the Korean Pop charts, before going onto winning Best Newcomer Awards at various award ceremonies. There was “Five Cylinder Dance” syndrome, not only in Korea, but internationally as well.

Crayon Pop, who carved out their own unique niche with follow up songs “Lonely Christmas” and “Uh-ee”, received a love call from a world class pop star Lady Gaga. They were asked to be the opening act to her North American tour for about a month from June this year. Having taken their popularity over to the United States, where will their next steps take them?


Q. What is it like to take a photo with all the Chrome Entertainment’s groups?

It feels a little strange since this is the first time we’ve taken photo with all of our Chrome Entertainment family. We are used to taking photo with just us five. It feels crowded and feels different. But, more than anything, it’s fun.

Q. Crayon Pop has already become a big senior group.

It’s good with K-Much, Bob Girls and Zan Zan as we are like a family now. They also drive us to work even harder.

Q. From “Bar Bar Bar’s” helmet and tracksuits to “Uh-ee’s” bandanna and ramie clothes, your wardrobes have been very unique. What is the reason for maintaining such concepts as these?

People love Crayon Pop for its uniqueness. We have confidence and pride in ourselves. We want to present wide spectrum of music while maintaining our unique side. We often discuss about these concepts together.

Q. Do you sometimes envy other girl groups who have pretty or sexy concepts?

In the beginning, we were not always unenvious. But, now, we have confidence in our concept. It allows us to show our unique, more fun and easy going ways.
Q. “Bar Bar Bar” parodies once reached an almost hysterical level. It must’ve felt good. Do you search and look for these parodies?

We’ve seen some as they popped up on the YouTube Recommended Videos list. We’ve seen some from people around us sharing them with us. We feel happy and surprised when we see them. We remember in particular soldiers and people in weddings dancing our dance. And we were very happy to see Tablo’s daughter Haru liked our song on The Return of Superman (a Korea TV Show).

Q. Compared to “Bar Bar Bar”, the reception to “Uh-ee” was a little weaker.

We believe “Uh-Ee” also received a lot of love. It was also parodied many times. We were disappointed as we didn’t have enough time to meet with fans compared to the “Bar Bar Bar” days. “Bar Bar Bar” received more love than anticipated, not that “Uh-Ee” received less.
Q. Crayon Pop has come from performing on street to opening for Lady Gaga in North America.

It is incredible. When we first stood on the stage of Lady Gaga’s concert, we were immensely moved. It felt entirely new and different performing our songs for 30 minutes. Lady Gaga gave us a thumbs up during rehearsal. The dancers also liked us. We are very grateful.

Q. You performed 13 times across 12 cities in United States and Canada for a month with Lady Gaga. Everything must’ve been great, but it must’ve been physically very demanding.

It wasn’t as difficult as we’d thought. We had our own tour bus, which helped a lot. But we did struggle with the time differences. We usually sleep a lot, but we ended up becoming morning-people. We even ate breakfasts at breakfast restaurants. (laughs)
Q. There are many Popjusshis in the United States now, aren’t there?

The American audience received our unique costumes and dance, which they can’t see from other girls groups, as refreshing. They’ve responded very positively our performance. We really enjoyed the culture of enjoying good times together. There is one particular American Popjusshis we can remember. He was waiting by the bus after our performance at Buffalo. He was wearing a shirt with “Crayon Pop” written on it. He even prepared kimchi himself, for us. We were very moved by his care. It was very delicious too. Best!

Q. You’re renowned for being very close to your fans. What do Popjusshis mean to Crayon Pop?

Recently, it was our two year anniversary since our debut. To commemorate this, we held an event where we showed all the videos shot and edited by our fans. All the memories of those two years and all the fans who walked with us along the way nearly reduced us to tears. There were many who supported us from the beginning. So, popjusshis are more than fans. They are family. They are with us in good time or bad. And when we are really busy, we see them more than our own immediate families. They’ve been with us all along our journey.
Q. How long will Crayon Pop maintain its uniqueness?

Of course, as long as we’re around, always~

Translation: Joe Lee of Crayon Pop United
Source: Asia Economy