Crayon Pop’s Soyul Admitted to Sungshin Women’s University

As previously revealed in Chrome-In Episode 3 about Soyul’s university admission, the details has been released.

It has just been announced that Crayon Pop member Soyul will soon be a college student.

Soyul successfully received admittance to Sungshin Women’s University in the College of Culture and Arts.

According to a few entertainment insiders, Soyul applied to Sungshin last year but was not accepted. However, because she was determined to attend Sungshin and Sungshin alone, she waited a whole year to apply again, and was successfully admitted this time around.

Other Sungshin College of Culture and Arts majoring students include actress Lee Seyoung and KARA member Goo Hara.

Congratulations to Soyul on her college admission!

Via: moonROK
Source: eNews

  • NeonMoon

    Congratulations!!…Soyul will also champion this too.. so when are the twins graduating??

  • apieth

    College girl Soyul..
    She will became an ulzzang again?
    Ah wait.. It’s a women university?
    Then boys would be wait outside kekeke

  • Dayana B


  • alex

    Time for soyul to get drama lead. She will do good.

  • apieth

    What they learn on culture and art university? Drawing n Painting?

    • Culture & Art usually includes acting and music

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    According to Chrome’s website, Way also studied contemporary music at Sungshin Women’s University, although it’s unclear if she’s still a student there: The Crayon Pop wiki page implies that she is, but provides no source.
    “Admission to Sungshin Women’s University is very competitive, with an acceptance rate of less than 5%.” – Wikipedia. Kudos to Soyul and Way!