Crayon Pop’s ‘Resolute Comeback’

Crayon Pop is planning to return with a new album sometime in March. The top rising trend in 2013 was “Bar Bar Bar”, but they have failed to record another hit since, and is concerned about being labeled a ‘one hit wonder’. Their November 2013 Christmas carol album was embroiled in a plagiarism controversy, released ‘Uh-ee’, participated as guest singers on tour with pop-star Lady Gaga in North America in June last year, which resulted in a dearth of domestic activities for 3 months. Chrome entertainment agency official said, “This album is important to ensure that Crayon Pop is not forgotten”.

Source: Sports Donga

  • robertrickett

    I’m not sure a one hit wonder is a correct terminology. Lonely Christmas charted and did well for a Christmas Carol and Uh-ee charted in the top ten. To be a one hit wonder you need to have only one song that charts high. Bar,Bar,Bar was a smash hit. A lot of successful groups never have a smash hit and only have top ten hits. When a groups first hit is an addictive smash hit it sets them up for unrealistic expectations

    • GBuster

      They are pretty much a one-hit wonder at this point. Uh-ee didn’t really do as well as you think. Chrome’s decision to keep pushing back their official comeback doesn’t help either. The company missed a huge opportunity right after their North American tour to promote.

      • NeonMoon

        PSY did not do as well after Gangnam Style either…looking at it proportionately…Uh-ee did is PSY a one-hit wonder too???

        • No, because Psy was already an established artist in Korea that was very popular. His viral hit just launched him into the international spotlight.

          • NeonMoon

            don’t think he had any smash hits until Gangnam went viral…name one???

          • He had a few good hits domestically:
            If Gangnam Style was the first song you were exposed to then you can consider him a one hit wonder. I was already a fan of Psy for several years before and Gangnam Style was just the biggest hit he had from my perspective.

        • GBuster

          For the international market…yes. Psy has been well established in Korea, unlike Crayon Pop who is just trying to establish themselves there. Bar Bar Bar was a hit in Korea, but not internationally like Gangnam Style. which blew it out of the water. Comparing the success of Psy to a group like Crayon Pop is a bit silly.

          • Neonmoon

            U have to look at it proportionately…yes????

          • GBuster

            No, because there is no proportion or even comparison. As others have said, Psy is an established singer in Korea. Crayon Pop is not.

      • neonmoon

        U have to look at it proportionately..yes????

      • talinekae

        The Sewol Ferry had to do a bit with why Uh-ee didn’t do that well. Everyone loved it when it first came out and the accident happened around the earlier stages of promotions so it impacted sales/radio play/event appearances, etc.

  • Kid-Simple

    Instead of trying to hold on to their ranking by coming back less, i think they should just come back regularly and accept that not every song will be as big as the last one. When a group doesn’t come back very often there is a lot more pressure, expecations, and focus on each one. Something unexpected will usually happen anyway, or the public will just be fickle, so you can never guarantee success.

    • It is expensive to make a come back, so it is financially better to stay idle. It is similar to the situation Pledis Entertainment is which has most of its artists idle.

      In fact, since September, they have been releasing a Crayon Pop related song every month, just that most of them were not promoted, since promotion is expensive.

      • neonMoon

        Sorry, there’s a wise business motto: You have to spend money to make more money…why mint more songs when you are not going to promote? It’s just like blinking at a girl in the dark and hope that she sees you..I.e. A pair of Nike shoes retails for over 100 bucks..costs only 5 bucks to make…with rest of the costs over 85% in advertising n promotion..The big companies understand this very well so when new groups debut (i.e. Red Velvet n Winner) lots of money are pump into promotion to ensure success..Are they any better than Crayon Pop?? I do not think so…

        • Chrome isn’t a big company and can’t afford to spend money to make more money. There is a lot of risk management required for a small company, as one bad ‘investment’ can essentially bankrupt them.

          • NeonMoon

            If that is so…spend money wisely…then Chrome should not have produced new groups, they are just bleeding the “Goose that lays the golden eggs” -CP…small company can be lean n mean…maybe Chrome bit off more than they can chew??..needs to come up with a better strategy…GBuster is right in the sense that CP had the momentum right after Lady Gaga tour…they could have seized the opportunity to launch their full album as planned..(CARPE DIEM) appeared they were distracted with launching Bob Girls n XanXan..oh well..hind sights are always 20/’s OK to fail, as long as you learn from your mistakes…

          • Taylor Simon

            It all depends on how you see things. I can see the downsides and upsides to the new groups. While I agree, they are biting off more than they can chew,
            K-much, as a boy group, with enough attention, can have larger physical album sales than CP, which would mean more money.
            Bob Girls is doing music that is more to mainstream taste at the moment.
            Zan Zan does ballads, which is the #1 genre in Korea. Koreans love their ballads.

          • NeonMoon

            “with enough attention” mean enough money to promote n advertise???…another lessen learned…”Jack of all trade..master of none”..good intention…but wrong what happens if none of them succeeds???? no sense rolling the dices, but cannot ante up…no money no honey..

          • Taylor Simon

            Then, they would end up like the other hundred nugu groups. Besides, Chrome is currently doing something right. K-much just came from a successful showcase in Malaysia mid-January, and now, K-much are preparing for a comeback. They showed off their new song in Hongdae last Friday.

          • All right, it is really a small company.
            Maybe its luck become better in a near future.
            Maybe one day the Chrome label acquire a large amount of money. Maybe “someone” make a great offer to Mr. Hwang, an irrecusable offer. Surely the Crayon Pop will be in the heart of this negotiation (and aspirations), I guarantee.
            So, the Chrome reaches a new level of possibilities while “someone” enters the entertainment market.

            I hope I haven’t exhausted the word “maybe” for today… kekekeke!

            Conspiracies? No, no, I hate these conclusions.
            Just keep watching intently. That’s all.

    • talinekae

      That’s the route Girls Day followed and look how successful they are now. After Expectation, they had back to back comebacks so they could ride on the success rather than make a gamble.

      Crayon Pop will release something good and will continue to have committed fans BUT will the public care? We will see!

  • Guest

    This new album is a full album or a mini album?

    • According to Way today(2 Feb), Crayon Pop’s comeback album will likely be a mini-album.

  • Neonmoon

    Hope it’s not “Resolute” delays…

  • Taylor Simon

    I always wonder how Uh-ee would have went if the Sewol tragedy and the music industry shut down did not happen.

    • talinekae

      It would’ve done fairly well imo. Fans and non-fan’s alike enjoyed it and it still did ok considering the tragedy…

  • CP Ranger

    I know us passionate fans will still support them regardless of when their come back is released. Obviously we are going to be worried about their longevity if they are away from the music promoting scene for too long. But, we have to trust that they are going to do what makes them happy and grow as artists. If they believe in their concept and music, then we’ll believe it too.
    Crayon Pop, hwaiting!

  • CKtalon

    Gonna chime in on the likely reason why the comeback has been repeatedly pushed back without making it official from CPME’s side.

    If people recall, the first full album should have been in March 2014, but was suddenly changed to a single Uh-ee. The reason gave back then was due to Lady Gaga’s invitation, but a likely alternative reason was due to Chrome terminating Kim Yoomin’s services in composing some time in early March 2014. The reason is known to some fans, but I will not elaborate on it. With ties cut, Crayon Pop suddenly didn’t have the songs needed for the full album, and Uh-ee might have just been a B-side track to begin with.

    During the periods of Apr-June 14, Crayon Pop may seem to be not doing anything, but Chrome was likely looking for new composers. And they were Eun Jongtae and 17Holic, who wrote songs for Bob Girls and Zan Zan.

    Eun Jongtae then wrote some of the then-Crayon Pop’s songs for the Sept full album comeback, with a new batch of composers, Crazysound’s Crazy Park, Peter Pan and Shinto writing ‘OK’. It is a reasonable assumption that the other songs were written by a mixture of these composers. However, it might have been a strategic call Chrome to just debut Strawberry Milk with a subset of those songs as a trial.

    Again Strawberry Milk’s ‘OK’ didn’t do especially well. Eun Jongtae’s relationship with Chrome still seems good, and produced ‘Love Christmas’ with Chrome. Chrome however might have decided on wanting something even more, and hence commissioned Shinsadong tiger to make the new title track/single in Nov-Dec. As this is the first time they are working with Shinsadong tiger, Chrome is likely trying to be extra cautious since Shinsadong tiger isn’t a cheap composer, and hence making multiple revisions. (Bar Bar Bar was revised 4 times under composer Kim Yoomin who was newly commissioned)

    In short, the reason why Crayon Pop’s comebacks have been pushed back repeatedly is due to the lack of composers, of which Chrome might not have the financial resources to hire any at will easily, since songs have to be tailor-made for Crayon Pop. They might have exhausted efforts to find cheaper composers and have decided to bite the bullet by hiring an expensive one.

    I would like to remind people that for the past 5 months since September, Crayon Pop has released at least one song every month.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I read your posts on Reddit from a while back, where you reported some of your experiences in Korea. Are you still there? It was sobering to read that Crayon Pop still isn’t well known in Korea, and that the ranks of the Pop-jeossi, and the membership of the Daum Café, were diminishing. As much as I love them from afar, their Korean fanbase will determine their fate.

      • CKtalon

        No, I was just there for the initial Strawberry Milk promotions.

    • poppincrayon

      CK, I love you.

  • NeonMoon

    “Planning” is good, but it takes good Organization, Strategy, Implementation, Direction and Execution to achieve desired Result…somehow they r stucked in the planning mode since summer of last year…I am just as passionate and devoted as the rest of CP fans…just venting….hahaha

    • GBuster

      You also have to realize Chrome is not like YG, SME, or even JYP. We are talking about a company that started up when a former photographer decided to join the kpop market after watching T-ara’s Roly Poly MV.

      • neonmoon

        It does not matter what you did or whom you starts with a dream…when a light bulb in your head starts blinking…an idea..for example the founder of McDonald..Ray Kroc..was a milk shake machine salesman…who said the key to success is perseverance..more so that’s why I admire individuals like CEO Hwang..just hang in there..don’t be afraid to fail…heck..Thomas Edison failed over thousands of time before discovering tungsten as the right filament for the light bulb..there goes it’s blinking…

  • All we as fans can do is buy their albums and continue to support them. If they succeed then great! If they don’t I still think they will be ok. I think they all have bright futures ahead of them as they are expanding their talents into acting and shows. I wish them the best!

  • poppincrayon

    Imo having good drama OST’s are just as valuable as promotion songs. My love of all things Korean started with dramas and those songs they play over and over stay with you for a long time.

    • CKtalon

      A successful drama OST also depends strongly on the popularity of the drama itself. And that in itself isn’t something easily predicted.

      • poppincrayon

        Very true.

  • alex

    I want soyul to act in kdrama as lead actress after their next album. Twins need to do ballad. They also release the video on how and who is singing the song in recording studio. One thing we have not seen is that who is singing what part in all of their songs.

  • Why

    Oh my God, Chrome should really keep their mouth shut if they’re not sure if they will really show up at that said day/month. It’s really disheartening keeping on hearing a postponement. I get that they’re trying to make out the best, but you shouldn’t keep on making that excuse so you can keep on postponing.

  • Fremzter

    Im sure they just feel so pressured but we will see #Believe

  • Sammy

    Let’s face the facts….Chrome is a small company and the have made mistake after mistake in the last year. Luckily for them, they have a really strong cult fanbase, so they keep getting another chance to make it right. I hope and pray they get this right, but they do put too much weight into each release when it’s so spread out. Groups that release mini albums or singles 2-3 times per year are on the rise in popularity, whereas groups like Crayon Pop need a home run rather than a double. K-Much, Zan Zan and Bob Girls should all have been secondary to Crayon Pop…instead they all had more songs officially released and sold by Chrome exclusively in 2014 than the full Crayon Pop group did. You can’t defend that business move.