Crayon Pop’s ‘RaRiRuRe’ MV Released

On 23 June 2015, Crayon Pop’s Japanese debut song, ‘RaRiRuRe’ MV was released in Japan. It has now been released worldwide on YouTube. Check out the fun song and MV! Give it lots of views!

To those who uploaded unofficial copies onto YouTube, please kindly delete your MV version of ‘RaRiRuRe’.

Be sure to pre-order your “RaRiRuRe” albums at the following (non-exhaustive) list.

Amazon Japan: Regular version, Special version

CDJapan: Regular version, Special version

HMV Japan: Regular version, Special version

YesAsia: Regular version, Special version.

  • whatevs

    Twins mokbang was my absolute favorite among the set and perhaps the most entertaining 20 minutes in CP-TV/CHROME-IN history for me! I must have seen it at least three times unsubbed. Thanks a lot to CP.ME for this unexpected surprise!

  • h4iumb1

    A little sad to see Bob Girls together, now knowing how it ended with Jinas illness. 🙁

    Twins segment is priceless. They do not know how to prepare the lobster, but just go for it. A little bit like when Crayon Pop started out on the streets: No hesitation, just advancing to their desired goal. 🙂
    Maybe i am wrong but since they promoted together as Strawberry Milk they seem to get along better, without the sometimes occuring rivalry seen in the beginning of Crayon Pops journey.

    • touchthesky

      I also think the twins are getting along better now. They seem closer to each other ever since they became Strawberry Milk.

  • Sicut in aqua pisces

    Oh, I was waiting for the translation 5 episode … T__T
    you translate it in the future?

  • apieth

    Need to watch really carefully and many times, coz too much cuteness overload on this vid
    The hardest vid i ever time.. Seriously

  • dayana barradas

    WOWWW thank u guys for this video, I have been waiting ,, thank u very much,

  • dayana barradas

    u guys have been working so hard, but i love u soo much ,,

  • alex

    Korean foods looks seriously bad., Seems like korean and chinese eat anything that moves. best is stay with subway in korea is better i think

  • Petri

    “Content rejected.This video has been removed due to a copyright claim of The Int TV Motion Picture Assoc”


  • Jake

    Where is this fish market?