Crayon Pop’s One Year Anniversary Fanmeet

Girl group Crayon Pop (Geummi, ChoA, Way, Ellin, SoYul) shed tears at a fan organized anniversary event.

Crayon Pop celebrated their one year anniversary on the 21st at Seoul’s (location) CUBE Agora with their fans.

There was a photo wall, celebratory cake, posters, plaques, cutout boards, etc. During this event, everything was prepared by the fans. At the same time, the fans demonstrated their dance moves. From all over the country that came to Seoul, there were 79 members. There were also another 31 fans from Japan. Out of a total of 110 fans attending the event, there were middle school girls to 40 year old uncle fans. Regardless of age and gender, they were there to celebrate Crayon Pop’s one year anniversary.

Specially for this day, Crayon Pop gave fans a sight that fans wouldn’t have seen during their promotional period. Instead of wearing track suits for their promotional activities, Crayon Pop wore white one piece dresses and high heels, bringing out their feminine charm.

After Crayon Pop entered, they stood in front of the photo wall, and took some simple pictures. After this, they had the cake cutting ceremony, and watched a fan prepared video clip, as they enjoyed a meal with their fans.

In the video clip, there were interviews with the fans, and pictures that the fans drew themselves. It showcased the memories of the past year. While watching the video clip, the members of Crayon Pop were moved to tears.

This was because it brought back memories of all the hard work they had done after their debut, and by how much their fans had been supporting them.

After the video clip and meal, there were simple quiz games and lucky draws. A segment not to be missed was a fancover of Crayon Pop’s current song “Bar Bar Bar”. The members were all praises.

After all the events ended, the members of Crayon Pop asked in a kind manner for fans to carry on showing them love and support.

Way said with a determined look, “Just like how the fans have worked hard to prepare this one year anniversary event, I will take on the responsibility of boldly attending all sorts of promotions.”

Ellin said to everybody, “I am really very touched. I can only say thank you again and again. Please love Crayon Pop forever.”

Geummi said, “We only exist because of the fans. Everybody put in a lot of effort to prepare these. I am really touched and hope we will be happy together forever.”

ChoA said her thoughts, “After all this while, and watching the clips, I will be able to be determined like during the debut. I will work hard for promotions, so please take care of us for the next year.”

SoYul rounded it up, “We will become an existence that will heal. I am really thankful to you.”

Source: Ezy Economy