Crayon Pop’s ‘Hey Mister’ nominated for Best Female OST award

Crayon Pop’s ‘Trot Lovers’ drama OST track, ‘Hey Mister’ has been nominated for the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival’s Best Female OST award!

The 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival is sponsored by several Seoul government entities like the Ministry of Culture and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The voting system is only open to locals in South Korea so it is quite a pity that international fans will not be able to vote for it. The nominees are as follows:


The “16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival” is scheduled to be held from August 22 – 29.

Source: Naver Blog

  • NeonMoon

    time is of the essence!..Chrome should take advantage and push out Hey Mister MV..another million viewer on the 1st day..keep the momentum going til CP’s launches 1st full album in Sept…

    • Administrator

      Don’t think Chrome has any say/right in releasing a MV for Hey Mister.

      • NeonMoon

        does that means it won’t b included in the full album??? Pretty sure they can negotiate a win-win deal, so the song can be released..

        • GBuster

          Probably not since Chrome doesn’t own the rights. But who knows they probably could do it. Imo Hey Mister is better than Uh-ee.

          • NeonMoon

  ’s too bad..just like 1,2,3,4..that’s a winner too. Just have to believe!!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    With fourteen nominees, it seems like if an OST came out this year, it got a nomination.

  • Mary SaMa

    I made a choregraphy for Hey Mister, because this song deserve lot of popularity! It’s great 😀 I hopa that Crayon Pp will see my video **

    • great job! 😀