Crayon Pop’s “Hey Mister” for “Trot Lovers” Drama Audio

Enjoy this disco dance track! It has been released by Sony Music Korea on their YouTube channel!

And the song debuted at #63 on Melon! One will need to see how it fares on the charts when the drama airs next Monday on the 23rd!

You can watch a preview of the drama below. Also, the audio track sang at the 4:47 mark seems different from the released track. You can hear Geummi’s voice in it.

  • AngK

    love it!! :DDDD

  • noskire32

    I totally love the song!! 🙂

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    This is what I call a YongPop song, hope CP make an MV!
    Much better than Uh-ee, haha sorry =P
    WHO is singing at 02:37 ???

    • AngK

      I think its Choa. Can’t be too sure with the twins, but probably.