Crayon Pop’s “Hallyu Star Traces” gets #1 ratings

Crayon Pop’s joint production venture with China, “Hallyu Star Traces” was ranked first in China’s largest video site, Youku.


Since 24 Jan, “Hallyu Star Traces” has been aired weekly through China’s largest video site, Youku. With 2.263 million views of a single episode on Youku’s Travel Channel, “Hallyu Star Traces” ranked number 1. The number of views of the number 2 video had 1.291 million views, giving it almost a 2 fold difference. As of 11am, a cumulative total of 5,494,788 views were recorded of the program.

Crayon Pop’s “Hallyu Star Traces” is an “outdoor variety show”, where they visit usual frequented restaurants and clothing stores by Hallyu stars. On the show, they do missions and introduce Korean culture and tourist locations.

A spokesperson said, “It is a meaningful accomplishment despite it being the first collaboration between Chrome Ent. and Youku for a Korean style Chinese variety working together from scratch. This venture is different from the usual show format export, and was able to rank 1st place in viewership”.

Crayon Pop is gearing up for a comeback with Shinsadong Tiger.

Source: eDaily

Editor’s note: We are unable to independently confirm some of the numbers reported by Korean news agencies, such as the views of the single episode being number 1. At the time of writing, it is ranked #2 with 1.995 million views, while the #1 video (带着爸妈去旅行 第一) has 2.384 million views.