Crayon Pop’s Geummi Birthday Interview

Q: How will you spend your birthday?
A: Since we have our pre-determined schedule, it looks like that’s what I’ll be doing. Also, since there’s Korea’s match in the morning, I’ll be watching the World Cup.

Q: What’s your impression of your birthday
A: It’s already my 27th birthday. I feel like time flies by these days. At the same time, it feels like I’m developing inner peace. Perhaps it’s because I have become more settled compared to before.

Q: What do you think about getting older?
A: I just feel like I’m maturing each year. Kind of feels like I’m becoming complete.

Q: What age do you anticipate the most (of becoming)? And the reason?
A: 35. I think I would be active in other areas when I reach that age. And personally, I wish to get married soon so I think I would have raised my own family by then and doing solo activities. I look forward to it.

Q: Things you don’t like to and like to hear on birthday are?
A: What I don’t like to hear is “Gummi you’ve aged” and what I  like to hear are “happy birthday” and “thanks  for being born”.

Q: What was your birth dream?
A: I asked mom but because she didn’t dream it herself, she just knew that there were snakes.

Q: The most memorable birthday is?
A: Last year when fans came to our office with many things prepared and had a birthday party together with our members. Perhaps because it was so touching that it is so memorable.

Q: What was your most special gift received?
A: An iPod with my name imprinted. Fans gifted me an iPod with my name imprinted and I was really happy because it was one of its kind.

Q: What birthday gift would you like to receive?
A: A ticket for a family trip. Mr. Hwang!

Q: If you were given a break for your birthday, what would you do?
A: Recently, we went to Gangwondo and learned surfing which was really fun. I hear Sonjung in Busan has a good facility so I want to enjoy surfing there. If I get a break, I really want to go surfing.

Q: What was your birthday wish when you were younger?
A: I always wished for “health of those around, happiness of family, and good fortune” when I was younger. As you know, my father was ill but is much better now and the people around me are in the process of succeeding. I think much of my wish have come true.

Q: How do you picture your birthday in 10 years?
A: 37 years old. As said earlier, getting married and spending time with my husband and children, that alone would be a happy moment. That’s how I would like to spend my birthday in 10 years.

Q: Is there a celebrity that you would like to receive a happy birthday from?
A: My ideal type is Gongyoo sunbae-nim. So it would be great to hear the “happy birthday” song from smiling Gongyoo sunbae-nim haha.

Q: A message to yourself
A: Geummi, I sincerely wish you a happy 27th birthday. Always stay optimistic and I wish you become the most wonderful woman in the world.

Source: Eto