Crayon Pop’s Geummi to Debut as an Actress in Web Drama

Geummi will be cast as a heroine in a webdrama called “6 Persons Room”. The show, directed by Kim Doyeon will involve various episodes of a hospital room which houses six patients and also draw attention to safety awareness and risk of industrial accidents.

Geummi will portray the glamorous beauty, Lee Jiwon, who is a patient hospitalized for a light traffic accident. She will steal the only male patient in the room, Minsoo’s heart, and be the center of envy of other female patients.

The show will be distributed by Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency’s SNS and Naver in November.

What do you think? Maybe a preview of Geummi’s acting skills in CPTV S03E01 might give you some thoughts? 🙂

Source: Naver News