Crayon Pop’s “FM”: The Lyrics, The Title, the MV… What Does It All Mean?

On March 27, Crayon Pop unveiled the MV to their latest song, “FM.” As the title “FM” could serve as an acronym for just about anything, and Crayon Pop’s Soyul has stated that it doesn’t mean anything, that of course made everyone wonder what it really all means.

Fans have posited that “FM” could refer to “frequency modulation,” “female monster,” “fine male” (lol), or “field manual,” the latter being a term commonly used in Korea. For our part, we thought that “FM” was a reference to Flashman. Flashman was a Japanese show that it aired in Korea in the eighties and was a predecessor to Power Rangers. Like Power Rangers, Flashman starred five superheroes, each representing a different color. Their weapons were prisms (contained in the song lyrics). So we thought that both the song title and MV referred to Flashman.

The lyrics, revealed in advance by Chrome Entertainment’s CEO, contain many references to chemicals, while the MV seems to be inspired by Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, and Halo. Probably for the first time ever, this spurred K-pop fans to think about how lithium might react with sodium, or what relationship spirulina has with epinephrine. Very deep stuff, but we could see how we as Crayon Pop fans might be getting off-track.

So we sent out a quick email to Chrome Entertainment’s PR team asking for the truth.

Chrome Entertainment kindly let us know that “FM” actually stands for “field manual.” In Korea, “FM” (field manual) is slang for a type of guy who’s a total rule follower, not in a good way. So the song is about a girl who is trying to save an FM.

Now the lyrics make so much more sense, right? Let’s watch the MV again to see if it also makes more sense:

If anyone can save an FM, Crayon Pop can!

Thoughts? Does “FM” make more sense now?

Source: Soompi