Crayon Pop’s ‘FM’ Music Video Released

Crayon Pop has just released the music video for ‘FM’! Check it out below and also our instructions on how to help Crayon Pop in this come back.

MV Support

For Crayon Pop’s comeback with ‘FM’, we will try to increase the number of views of the MV as much as possible. Remember to watch it (some wives tale anecdotes include making sure you finish the video without skipping, have the volume above 50%, no muting), like it and share it (especially on Facebook and Twitter).


For those who want to go the extra mile, every half an hour, clear your browser history and cookies and watch it again. Also, you can use a proxy extension for your browser such as Chrome’s Proxy-on extension or Firefox’s Best Proxy Switcher addon where you can change your apparent IP or location before viewing the MV.

Music Streaming Support
It is imperative you try to make as much an impact on the Korea music sites, most importantly being Melon where you can like and rating the song. An account is required on Melon. You can even go the extra mile by buying the Melon streaming service to stream Crayon Pop’s FM. A guide is located here.

Support Crayon Pop on SBS ‘The Show’
Crayon Pop is currently in the running among 19 other idol groups. Fans can show support by tweeting “@SBS_MTV #더쇼 #크레용팝”. You can have additional text, but that is the bare minimum. Please create a Twitter account purely for supporting Crayon Pop if you do not have one. More details can be obtained here.

Buying the album
Of course, another way international fans can help is by buying the album. Buying from sites like Kpopmart, YesAsia, KpopPlus, KpopTown or eBay helps Crayon Pop on the charts.

You can also buy the album of iTunes now (though it doesn’t contribute to the Korean charts): iTunes

More details can be obtained here.