140625 Crayon Pop’s Departure from Korea

As mentioned previously, SBS will be streaming Crayon Pop’s departure scene, including a handshake with fans, along with Bob Girls and K-Much. It will be aired around 7am KST (compared to their 11am KST departure time), approximately 6 hours from now on the “Morning Wide” show. As it is a live news program, do not expect long coverage on it. The post will be updated if the segment is over and updated with a recorded video at a later date/time.

Do join the IRC chatroom with the rest of us, either by using the chat link at the top of the page (or the details provided below the stream), or sign on using the applet provided below.

In the left sidebar, click ‘韩国线路HD.flv’ (the 2nd option), to get the SBS livestream. Try refreshing (Ctrl-F5) if it doesn’t work. Or try using the following backup stream.

Update: SBS segment is over! Ellin and Choa were interviewed, with a POP! POP! KEU RAE YONG POP! chanted. Watch below for the recorded video.

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