Crayon Pop’s Choa on set of KBS drama “High School – Love On”

Pictures of Choa’s debut as an actress for KBS drama “High School – Love On” have been released. A spokesperson from Chrome revealed that she will be playing a role named Jinyoung who instigates a crucial event at the beginning of the story. Choa is seen eating Tiba Chicken which Crayon Pop is currently endorsing.

The spokesperson also said, “Choa, who is currently a drama major at Seoul Institute of the Arts, is passionate about not only singing, but acting as well. She’s been studying acting even in the midst of her hectic schedule and  has been improving her basic acting skills. With this opportunity, Choa will be able to show her new side as an actress aside from Crayon Pop’s image.”

Through this drama, Choa will be acting along side Infinite’s Woohyun, Sungyul, and actress Kim Saeron as a highschool student.

“I am excited because this is my first attempt at acting. I’ve always wanted to try it and I am so happy and thankful that I’ve been given a chance. I will continue to study acting and I want to grow not only as a singer but also as an actress.” Choa said with determination.

“High School – Love On” is a romantic fantasy about an angel who becomes human while trying to save a student’s life. It will tell a story of teenage students’ troubled love and growth. It is planned as a 20 episode long drama and will air its first episode on June 27 (Update 6/20/14) July 11 at 8:55PM.

Do you plan to watch this drama? What do you think Choa’s “instigating act” is?


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Source: Khan

  • CulturedApe

    I predict Choa’s gonna be a badass or a jealous student that puts the student’s life in danger.

  • CKtalon

    Choa clubbed the student with Tiba chicken!

    • AngK

      It was a delicious death.

  • Tiz Style

    That positive girl who is close friends with the angel

  • apieth

    No kissing scene ok? ^^
    Choa oithing.. ^^

  • AngK

    I think she will die. In the dramas there’s that character who’s too sweet to survive.

    edit: I’m glad she’s still on to do the drama. Fighting, Choa!!

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    I hope there are Cameos by other CP members!
    Or Way could perform ChoA’s stunts LOL! Crayon Pop Fighting!~
    Fan from Singapore

  • Slayon Pop

    I love you jinyoung!!
    Will watch this drama up to choa appearance only lolol

  • Yan Joon

    Choa fighting!!…i miss and i love your sister WAY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • cp001


  • CrayonGeneration

    I don’t know if I should watch this, because I love ChoA and there might be a kiss scene ):

  • Donnie G

    Choa is about to go Thugyong Pop on that dude in the first pic! O.O Scary. Good thing that box of Tiba Chicken was there to calm her down!