Crayon Pop’s cameo on Running Man

Unfortunately, despite what CEO Hwangu said, Crayon Pop did not play any role in Running Man but had a brief cameo in the background. Check out the short cut below.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Don’t blink… :-/

  • Donnie G


  • TinPeiLingFan .

    I still don’t know what Running Man is about, just lost my incentive to watch it LOL!
    a few months back, their crew came to Singapore & fans packed a mega-shopping Mall (as big as Lotte in Korea)!

    • PopjusshiG

      It’s a little corny, but fun. Yong Pop would be perfect for it, if they would relax and be themselves. I’ve noticed they can get star struck and stiffen up on other shows they’ve done. Perhaps someday.

      • TinPeiLingFan .

        yeah, CEO hwang said in the featured interview (on this site) that CP not that good in variety shows. But I saw them in food shows, fashion/makeup, dream team etc, I think they rock!

  • apieth

    I can’t see the short cut T_T

  • PopjusshiG

    I agree with Donnie G, don’t know that they will ever
    get on RM or WGM, I read a rumor that Soyul was going to be on Roomates, who knows if it was true. Maybe their out of country schedule messed that up.

    • apieth

      The news i read is ellin would join roomates lol

  • numetal_militia

    Hahaha! That ain’t even a cameo.

  • CulturedApe

    CEO trolling fans fans again lol

  • Tiz Style

    Soyul smiling in the background :O

  • Toff

    Ah, so maybe crayon pop was performing at the 2014 asian dream cup. I need to watch that performance then.

    Edit: Found the perf on a different article here. Guess I’m just late.

  • Toff

    LOL, I love YJS, but I still can’t get used to him without his glasses.

  • AAAA

    To me, this is a sign that CP still isn’t getting any respect in the industry.

  • Hovinalle

    Oh snap, blinked in the wrong spot, now I have to watch it again. 🙁