Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar (Dance version) hits 20M views

Just today, Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar (Dance version) hit 20 million views! Congratulations to the girls for this great accomplishment!


  • Neonmoon

    Viewers increased right after Lady Gaga tour…jump in’ , jump in’…jump in’!!!.. Let’s break this record with your first full album…100

  • Neonmoon

    If u add Barx3..story ver. N global ver. W/ parodies n’s well over 30 mill…heck..Yony n Zony (Taiwan twins) barx3 cover. over 4 mill…WOW..just awesome..

  • GBuster

    You didn’t like the video!

    • Sunny Sun

      you’re attentive

    • Administrator

      Not signed in 😉

    • Robert Rickett

      I remember being upset by the whole not letting the girls eat, than abandoning them as a punishment. But Gummi schooled Chrome, by taking the girls to a special meal (at Way’s suggestion) despite the management. After this, management apologized and rewarded the whole staff for their hard work. As I saw it Gummi’s courage and wisdom changed Chrome’s approach forever. This series could have been called, ‘Chrome’s Colorful Growth History’.

  • Hey you guys! How did u take the screen shot at exactly 20,000,000 ???