Crayon Pop’s 1,2,3,4 Video

Some new fans might not know, but Crayon Pop has an unreleased song titled ‘1,2,3,4’ that has an English and Japanese version. The higher quality Japanese version that was performed in August 2013 was released on their official YouTube channel.

  • Taylor Simon

    I am interested in why they posted the video. Is it some sort of teaser for Crayon Pop’s first full album, which is supposed to be released this year. (I hope)

  • PopjusshiG

    I think they had some song rights issues on this song, must of got them worked out finally. I was hoping they could do the eng version during the GaGa set, as its the only all eng song they have.

  • apieth

    Maybe they just missing you.. (The fans in korea) ^^