Crayon Pop’s ‘123 Happy New Year’ Released

Crayon Pop’s Chinese collaboration with DianTong Entertainment’s Wei Yining, Chenxiao and Wang Bowen Xiaobai has been released! Check it out below! A MV should be released later.

  • CP Ranger

    LOL, just like Crayon Pop to be different. Most people would count DOWN to the New Year, but nope! Crayon Pop’s gonna count UP! ONE TWO THREE!!! NANANANANANANANA! 😀

  • some translation (YongPop’s part only)
    0:25 Let’s start afresh, let the new year ‘shine’ (unsure if CP saying ‘shan yao’ 閃耀)
    0:40 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, luck at this moment (inaudible), Let’s go!
    1:01 ‘shen qi yang yang’ = To describe people feeling refreshed (in good spirits etc)
    1:32 In this new year, let us.. bliss/happiness to be ‘stolen’ 偷了’tou le’ (unsure what they saying, definitely they mean something else! ;p)
    1:48 Chorus (same as 0:40)
    1:54 A new year.. astonishing/wonderful ‘jing cai’ 精彩 and ‘as desired or wished’ 如意 (both words inaudible)
    2:02 Love is coming/arriving.. ‘sweet as honey’.. One Two Three!
    (甜甜蜜蜜 ‘tian tian mi mi’, describe realationships that are sweet/happy/intimate)
    2:06 To greet or welcome the new year.. ”Lets go, 1 2 3!”
    2:10 (repeat 1:54)
    2:17 (repeat 2:02)
    2:22 (repeat 2:06)
    2:34 (repeat 0:40)
    2:49 (repeat 0:40)

    • h4iumb1

      Thanks 🙂

      • np, that was casual translation while listening it for 1st time, the song is much more meaningful & healing with the men’s parts, YouTube full translated lyrics:

  • P.S. never easy for non-chinese to sing/speak in Chinese, one wrong
    pronouciation & meaning is totally different. Example: ‘Ma’ can be
    pronouced to mean 4 unique words, ‘mom’, ‘numbness’, ‘horse’, ‘to scold’
    or even used as a swearing/cursing word. IMO, YongPop did good, much
    better than T-ara’s new Chinese/K-Pop song, the one with Bruce Lee
    concept. Overall a very auspicious & catchy song, surely to be
    liked by the target audience (China, the chinese community all across
    the world or everyone who celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, that’s at
    least 1.35 billion!)
    It’s good that YongPop released this more than 4 weeks before Feb 19th, as I felt ‘Love Christmas’ was abit late, 2 weeks before Xmas.
    Now all eyes on YongPop in Qipao!!! ^___^

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      never easy for non-chinese to sing/speak in Chinese
      You’re not kidding. I sang a cover version of 月亮代表我的心 and put it on Youtube, my Mandarin pronunciation is kind of embarrassing now. Luckily Youtube is banned in China, so only Taiwan and Singapore can laugh at me. 🙂

      • So what’s yr Youtube, add/subscribe/circle/like me (whatever u call it lol) so I can troll in yr vid. Btw, if u mispronounce 心 Xīn, it may become 信 Xìn (written letter) or Xìng (Sex)… But srsly, it’s a good choice, timeless classic by Teresa Teng.
        I think singing should be easier than speaking Chinese right? U have a tune to follow. I mean, I can almost ‘sing’ a K-pop song too without really understanding wth I am singing haha~

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          I’ll post the video below, I don’t really understand all the Google+ stuff or how it works. (-.-) I think you’re already in my Google+ circle for my current channel (MajorSeventh), but my video is on a much older channel (cheerfulhamster).
          I would agree that it’s much easier to sing in Mandarin than to speak it. With westernized Mandarin songs, it seems that you can get away with some inaccuracy in the vowel tones to make the sound more smooth – otherwise it would sound like Chinese opera. But in spoken Mandarin I’m such a 呆子 that often I can’t hear the difference between words even when I’m corrected, my ear/brain just isn’t tuned that way.
          The parts that make me cringe are 月亮 (“yeh liang” instead of “yue liang”) and 你去 (“ni chee” instead of “ni tree”), the rest isn’t as bad as far as I can tell.

          I was withholding judgment on the new year song until after the M/V was released, but honestly I’m not crazy about the song. If I heard it on the radio, I would never guess it was Crayon Pop. It reminds me of that song they did for the Korean version of The Lego Movie – they’re all singing the same part, they’re all at the same volume, and you can’t make out any one member’s voice. It might as well be some other girl group. If you compare it to “C’mon C’mon,” or the “Bbyong Song,” the differences are striking – both of those songs explored the different vocal styles of all five members. This song just put them all in the same box.
          That said, despite some crude production (the guitar solo just jumps in from out of the blue at the 1:00 mark), there are some catchy elements like the breakdown that starts at 1:55. And who knows, maybe the M/V will be awesome. 🙂

          • NeonMoon

            you read my mind…very similar to Lego’s version..which was better since it was only CP performing…seems like the leads are the Chinese boys and CP is just along as a backup…who wrote this jingle?..must be Chinese…a weaker collaboration for CP..they were not given equal time and’s different,but might catch on fire with the Chinese market…

          • The official credits, yup written by Chinese..
            作词:安迪A47(3KINGS) = Authors/Lyrics
            作曲:Quasimodo&安迪A47(3KINGS) = Composer
            编曲:Quasimodo&安迪A47(3KINGS) = Arrangement
            TBH, I’ve never heard of any of these China singers or composers but have read that they are popular in the mainland, that can only be good news.. 🙂

          • G+ to me is simply a hybrid of Facebook + Youtube extension, u’ve probably heard all the criticism so i’ve only good things to say about it (can upload gif unlike FB, instant sharing of youtube comments/shares, i watch most of YongPop vids cause of fans sharing them on G+, very user-friendly, hey subscribe 2 my channel!
            I’m subscribed to yr majorseventh channel, u re-mastered Way’s ‘In a Taxi’, in case i forget again, pls if u still have it, upload that fancam by drighk, his channel deleted by Youtube on 9dec2014, along with all 8503 fancams including most if not all of YongPop’s guerillas!

            Yr singing is good, can’t tell if it’s sung by a non-chinese-speaker. I’ve clicked ‘like’ & if this was the old school YouTube ratings, I wld rate it 4 outta 5 stars. I mean, look @ the number of views & ‘likes’! if u sang this ‘live’ even to a chinese audience, the response wld be good, no kidding. Also, no mispronunciation; closest romanised word for Qù 去 i can think of is probably ‘chee’ or just say ‘cheat’ without the ‘T’ sound.

            I agree mostly with yr 123 ‘review’ though I can’t comment technically; not musically trained lol, but I’m confident it wld be well received especially sung ‘Live’ with CP in Qipaos & during the festive seasons, such songs r very welcomed. I can’t say the same for CP singing chinese version of BBB, lyrics just didn’t make any sense, ”food being too hot”!
            If I were to nitpick, maybe it’s a bit formulaic? But, the ‘nana’ part is gd for fans of any nationality to sing along to, & it reminds me of ‘Lonely Xmas’ ha! I hope K-pop does not sacrifice it’s style/creativity/identity for the sake of China’s market. It already happened for Hollywood; Ironman3 & Transformers 4, critically terrible but commerically, the no.1 movie of 2014!

            In case u missed it, my eng translation: youtube dot com

          • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

            If the Chrome-In Chapter 8 video’s behind-the-scenes footage is any indication, then the M/V looks like it will be fun. Perhaps the M/V will make the song grow on me. Thanks for the Eng translation!
            Unfortunately I didn’t keep any of drighk’s videos, but I noticed that Way’s “Here Comes the Taxi” (live audio) is already mirrored here: Sometimes if you search with only the Korean characters, you can find lost treasures.

  • Vincent


    Love is here,愛被幸福包圍著
    祝大家 Hayyp new year 把幸福傳遞給下一個let’s go(CP)



    love is here,愛被幸福包圍著
    祝大家 Hayyp new year 把幸福傳遞給下一個let’s go(CP)
    聽到音樂吉祥如意 하나 두 세(CP)
    天天過的洋洋得意one two three
    迎接新年let’s go one two three(CP)