Crayon Pop’s ‘123 Happy New Year’ Announced

Under a collaboration with Diantong Entertainment’s 3 stars, Wei Yining, Chenxiao and Wang Bowen Xiaobai, and popular Korean girl group Crayon Pop will be releasing a joint (lunar) new year song, 123 Happy New Year. As a welcome to the festivities, Chinese and Korean idols will wish you a happy new year on 22 January 2015 worldwide. The best new year festive mood will be spread through their voices. Just like the lyrics, happy 2015!


As the new year 2015 dawns upon us, DianTong Entertainment’s 3 stars, the man full of warmth, Wang Bowen, the youthful kid who has been surfing though the music world, Wei Yining, and fashionable man, Chen Xiao have collaborated with Korea’s hot girl group, Crayon Pop, singing a new year song ‘123 Happy New Year’. During these cold winter days, it sends warm well-wishes and joy to everyone. Today, it will be released at 500 stations today, and on the Internet globally.

‘123 Happy New Year’ is a song created painstakingly by Korea’s team. The entire song has classical Chinese new year words and costumes. The fast paced and energetic music gives the entire song a joyful tune, and is different from traditional new year songs, but one that’s modern and touching, without missing the Chinese new year vibe.

With ‘Bar Bar Bar’, they got popular all throughout Asia, and won Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Female Rookie awards, and the 28th Korean Golden Disc Music Awards Rookie award. Korea’s Crayon Pop has been specially learning Chinese, and will perform in Chinese to express the new year joy. DianTong Entertainment sent an envoy together with Wang Bowen, Wei Yining and ChenXiao to Korea to produce this new year song. After Wang Bowen’s debut album ‘Reborn’ was released in China, it was released in Malaysia at the end of 2014. After finishing his promotions in Malaysia, he arrived in Korea for the production. Wei Yining’s self-composed album ‘Wei’ which obtained 2014’s Music Spearhead Chart most popular award. Wei Yining is currently in preparation for a new album, so with a new year song, is a bonus. He was recently recruited by DianTong Entertainment, before flying to Korea for the production.

“123 Happy New Year”‘s MV had invited Korea’s popular director, Red Yoon. The shoot was completed with all styling done by Korean stylists. Korean girl group, Crayon Pop wears a specially made Chinese traditional qipao, which gave a full Chinese new year vibe. The MV’s choreography was made by a Korean choreographer, which showcases the celebrities’ dance skills.

Wei Yining, Wan Bowen, Chen Xiao and Crayon Pop or state that they are extremely happy with this collaboration for being able to send new year greetings through music. Just like in the lyrics, here’s a happy and prosperous new year to everyone.

Also, DianTong Entertainment’s Youth AMIGO Concert which will be happening on 30 Jan 2014 in Beijing. The trio with Crayon Pop will present this song on stage during the concert.

Source: Weibo, Yule