What is Crayon Pop up to?

If you watched our subbed video of Way’s phone call on Su-Ki-Ra, you might have heard that Way was packing to film something at Gangwondo for a week. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, several photos of Crayon Pop were posted on a camping interest group, that lead us to speculate that they are filming for a show that involves an overnight trip and fun games in a rural area. It seems like the show could be called 크레용팝의 발칙한 여행 according to this.

Whether Crayon Pop’s trip to Gangwondo is indeed to film this show is uncertain. However, we can be sure that there is a show in production. This looks like good news for those that have been waiting for the new season of CPTV. We can look forward to a show dedicated to Crayon Pop! Check out the photos below.

Update 1: It looks like their filming at Gangwondo is indeed for 크레용팝의 발칙한 여행. Source

Update 2: Chrome has responded to fans’ speculations and clarified that the title of the program is not yet decided. Also, it is unclear how many episodes it will be divided into or when it will air. Source