Crayon Pop Winter Party Project

Update (26 Jan 2017):
Watch Choa make her choice!

Update (22 Jan 2017):
Some selfies of the members!

Update (20 Jan 2017):
Crayon Pop sends their 400% thank you video! Hurry there’s less than 2 weeks before the funding ends!

Update (19 Jan 2017):
Watch Way make her choice!

Update (16 Jan 2017):

Update (13 Jan 2017):
Crayon Pop sends their well wishes to Makestar for their one year anniversary!

Update (12 Jan 2017):
Watch Geummi make her choice!

Update (10 Jan 2017):
Watch Ellin choose between two items!

Update (5 Jan 2017):
Watch Geummi in Yeosu!

Update (30 Dec 2016):
The date of the Winter Party has been decided.
Time: 19 Feb 2017, 3PM KST
Place: TBA

Remember to pledge your monies if you are planning on going!

Update (29 Dec 2016):
In Christmas, the twins, Choa and Way, went out to do some Xmas shopping! What gifts did they pick out? Check it out!

Update (22 Dec 2016):
Crayon Pop sent their Christmas greetings to all Star Makers!

Update (19 Dec 2016):
The Makestar Live with Crayon Pop will happen on 20 Dec 2016, 3PM KST.

Update (15 Dec 2016):
Makestar Live with Crayon Pop will happen on 20 Dec 2016. The MC is jiaye88!

Update (8 Dec 2016):
Crayon Pop released the 2nd part of their Ask Crayon Pop Anything event

Part 1:

Update (1 Dec 2016):
Crayon Pop is searching for an MC for their Makestar Live with Crayon Pop on 20 Dec 2016!

Update (23 Nov 2016):

  1. The signed CD that will be included in Set 2 and higher is Evolution Pop Vol.1, but instead of two CDs, it will be a single not-for-sale promotional copy, with a different case from the one for sale.
  2. There will be an interpreter service for the event (English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese) if the need arises.
  3. Any digital rewards will be sent as an attachment to an e-mail, and if the file is too large, a download URL will be provide via e-mail.

Crayon Pop will be holding a special event to answer questions fans have for the members! Leave them in the comments of the MakeStar page!

Remember to vote for Crayon Pop here for them to have a live broadcast with Makestar! You can vote once every hour!

Crayon Pop will be participating in a crowd-funding project, known as Winter Party Project.

This project is an “All or Nothing”. Their goal is 10 million KRW (about US$8600). The goal is to have a Winter Party with fans, expected to be held Feb 2017.

Crayon Pop and fans will go head to head in games, like a trivia contest and many more mini games.

They will also receive a live performance and talk time.

Fans will also share a dinner date with Crayon Pop.

Fans will have an opportunity to take a photo with Crayon Pop

Check out the different sets based on the amount you donate!

To be able to participate in the Winter Party, you have to donate Set 5.

Make your pledge here!

  • CP Ranger

    Crayon Pop continue their reign of TYPO TERROR!!!!!
    Please support them so that they can afford a spell checker program! πŸ˜€

    • John Vawter


    • John Vawter

      I noticed that they have Choa’s height as 165cm, Way at 163cm. I think they’re both 163cm, so another typo?

      • CP Ranger


  • CP Ranger

    Crayon Pop’s Makestar project 100% funded in under 2 hours. Good job Crayon Pop fans!

    • Wojcik117

      I have a feeling that there will be much much more than the goal set.
      Send them aboard next time LOL

      • Jason Park

        Even though I don’t speak a word of Korean..
        Even though this will cost me close to Β£2000 all in.. ( I live in the UK )

        .. I am seriously considering paying for the full package!!

        I’m just worried I’m going to be stood there like a lemon unable to understand 99% of what is happening!

        Anyone else going who doesn’t speak Korean?

        • CP Ranger

          Just noticed your question here as well, so I’ll answer it again in case other people have the same question.

          “I believe that there is a good chance an interpreter(s) will be present. If you check out the Topp Dogg project, a Makestar staff actually answered this question in the comment section. But, you can ask in the Crayon Pop comment section to be sure. And if you do go for the full package, then you can write extra info/requests during the payment section.

          Posted 4 days ago
          Can you please give us more information about the “Meal time fan meeting with Topp Dogg”? Is it only for Korean fans?

          Posted 3 days ago
          Hello, this is Makestar. The fan meeting is for any Topp Dogg fan. Interpreter service will be available in English, Chinese, and Japanese!”

          • Jason Park

            I contacted Make star. They are providing interpretation.
            Now all I have to do is hit my credit card.. Hard. πŸ™

            Still. I’ve never been to Seoul or Korea before!

          • CP Ranger

            Well, you have about 2 months to learn basic Korean. Don’t be like me who prepared for almost everything else except the most important part of learning the language. πŸ˜€

    • ezekiel

      because we need too..because …… way will……………………if we don’t show our support..TT

      • John Vawter

        Pledge $50 and Way won’t spank you. Pledge $500 and she will spank you, if you ask nicely.

      • Paul Nikel

        lmao we are sorry way, lets hope no one gets hurt!!

  • Paul Nikel

    Hi, I just wanted to say I am sorry if I have frustrated anyone on youtube.
    Is everyone overworking watching Doo Doom Chit & voting as I don’t see many of the regulars posting often now.
    I have only managed 78 votes so far for the live broadcast, I even voted once for Topp Dogg by accident too lol.
    And I was streaming Doo Doom Chit very regular before, I enjoy supporting Crayon Pop and always will even if not online.

  • Drakis07

    I paid and took the set 1, was tempt to take set 2 but i already have the DDC album and and my uh-ee CD signed by all of them in 2014. Anyway i live in Canada and i’m not rich so my chance to be there in person is below zero. But still wanted to support the girls.

  • Jason Park

    Don’t forget to vote for the live broadcast poll.
    There is literally just 100 votes in it!!!

    • Paul Nikel

      just now they are 170 ahead!!! makestar co

      • Jason Park

        I am voting as often as I can 22 votes are mine so far…

        • Paul Nikel

          Nice one its an intense battle, Let’s hope more people join in to vote at makestar & pledge its undeniably a very worthy cause.

          • Way’s Girls Recruit

            I’m surprised we’re so behind, I think this gap is the largest yet as I’m typing.

          • Paul Nikel

            maybe makestar don’t like them lol, it’s annoying but if we keep voting we will get there!! we need to share the poll everywhere there are so many people that would support them πŸ™‚ going offline now πŸ™ GOOD LUCK!!!& FIGHTING!!!

      • CP Hwaiting

        If you double click .. It takes it as 2 votes!!

        • forgot my pw

          No sometimes jump 2 votes or more because others also voting same time as u…

          • forgot my pw

            Keep lets voting till the last day.if we don’t win. Make sure we goto their mv and congratulate them. Leave a good image,a good chance some of them will visit the crayon pop mv and become fans

    • Paul Nikel

      we are in the lead but they are starting to charge again Sketchbooks Fighting!!! what a nightmare poll πŸ™

  • capa

    Please vote at Makestar to see Crayon Pop again in an interview! If I create several emails or use all the emails I have (with a common password for Makestar) and vote multiple times every hour -is this cheating? We’re behind so I’m sooo tempted!

    • Paul Nikel

      We’ve taken the lead now, I am not sure but I have another geniue account for my mum who also likes Crayon Pop and she kindly pledged $0.99
      capa Fighting!!!

    • forgot my pw

      Your be surprises to know so many others are already doing that

    • ezekiel

      we all do the same thing… i bet toppdogg fan too..^^

  • Way’s Girls Recruit

    Oh yes, the date is finalized. Now to debate whether to visit South Korea amidst winter for my girls.

  • CP Hwaiting

    geummi is such a cutie

  • CP Hwaiting

    EXCUSE ME!! HUG SESSION????!! Lucky guys who ever attends!