Crayon Pop will be appearing on Running Man

Update (5/29/2014): CEO Hwang made a short note saying Choa will also be joining the rest of the members for Running Man and they will be leaving in 2 days! The KBS drama schedule was adjusted, which CEO hwang thanked. (Source)

All members except Choa will appear on Running Man as Choa will be doing a filming for a KBS drama. The 4 will be going to Indonesia, together with the Running Man cast (no performance). There might be a song release in June.

Source: CEO Hwang Hyun Chang himself

요즘 정신이 없어 공카에 자주 못들렸네요 ㅠㅠ

모두 잘 지내고 계시죠??!!

요즘 감기가 유행이네요 ㅠ 회사가 온통 콜록 콜록

스케쥴관련해서 알려드립니다~!

자카르타? 일정은 전혀 논의된 적 없는 일정이니 착오 없으시기 바랍니다 ㅋ

인도네시아 스케쥴(런닝맨)은 초아를 제외한 4명 멤버만 출국합니다.
(초아는 KBS 모 드라마 촬영스케쥴때문에 참석을 못하게 되었습니다.)

6월, 음원을 통해 다시 인사드리겠습니다^^

모두 건강 유의하세요!!

Full translation

It’s been really busy these days such that I haven’t been able to be on the cafe ㅠㅠ

Is everyone well??!!

Lately there has been a cold going around ㅠ Everyone in the company is coughing like crazy.

I will inform everyone about our schedule~!

Jakarta’s schedule is totally out of the blue

I hope everyone will forget it as if it never happened

Indonesia’s schedule (Running Man) will have four members participating (except Choa)
(Choa has to film for a KBS drama, so she is unable to participate)

In June, we will meet again with a new digital song ^ ^

Everyone watch your health!!