Crayon Pop will attend 2014 Korean Music Wave in Beijing

Korea’s MBC organizes a Hallyu concert known as Korean Music Wave in Korea and many countries, but it will be held in China for the first time. There will 16 top stars/groups who will be at the concert on 25 October. The Korean Music Wave concert has been happening since 2009, and have been held in Korea, Japan, Thailand, USA, etc. The 2014 concert will include EXO, SNSD (Girls’ Generation), 2PM, 4minute, BEAST, C.N.Blue, INFINITE, missA, B.A.P., Teen Top, T-ara, Sistar, B1A4, ZE:A and Crayon Pop. A video showing all the groups that will be performing is included below (Crayon Pop appears at the 0:12 mark)

Source: YinYueTai, Iqiyi