Crayon Pop visits Wenzhou, hopes for more love from Chinese fans


The day before, popular Korean idol groups, 9Muses and Crayon Pop were in Wenzhou for a particular brand. Media from all over the country, 50 high school campus belles, 20+ fashionistas had gathered together. At the event venue, Crayon Pop kept praising the brand for it’s fashionable and outstanding designs, that they were tempted to open a similar franchise store in Korea.

Crayon Pop is a five member Korean girl group. Their music and dances differ from the typical girl group, and tends to toe the line of mischief. In the year 2013, with “Bar Bar Bar”‘s straight five cylinder engine dance, they tremendously increased their popularity. They mentioned their future plans, such as members Choa and Way who will be performing musicals in Korea. They are eyeing the Chinese market, and hope for more love from the Chinese. They will also be in Chengdu on the 22nd of this month. Following this, Way will be in a Korean musical “Love Comes from the Rain”. They were very pleased and had a great impression of the beautiful Wenzhou sights.

Source: Taiwan China News