Crayon Pop Video Subbing Process

Crayon Pop Slave Subs (CPSS) has been subbing Crayon Pop videos for more than a year now (including before the re-opening of the YouTube account), and many may wonder how involved it is. The lack of this information usually results in messages such as “where is part 2 of ___ video” even when part 2 hasn’t aired, or having been aired less than 7 hours ago in Korea. We hope with this article, CPSS will receive fewer such messages as it is extremely stressful.

If you would like to join us, please contact us at!

Step 1a – Video cutting

If the raw cut video is not available, we usually need to cut the video from a full raw, or append two videos together. This can take 5-6 hours depending on the availability of a volunteer.

Step 1b – Coordination of timers
Once a Crayon Pop video is released (sometimes un-expectantly like CPTV), a manager in the IRC chat will see which of the timers are around for timing. As the team is around the globe, coordination is passed on to another manager as time passes. Each timer is usually assigned a variable number of minutes for the video, depending on their skill and speed at timing. On average, a timer takes a 10 minute segment of the video.

Step 2 – Timing

Timers use Aegisub to time the video purely from audio and on-screen video. Essentially, timers mark the starting time and ending times of dialog and captions. Also, they are to mark who the speaker is. This is to aid newcomers who haven’t recognized the members to have a name to the face. CPSS timers are required to time captions to the exact video frame in which the captions appear and disappear. Usually 100 lines of subtitles is 3 minutes of video time, but it takes about 10-20 minutes by our most experienced timer to time 100 lines. Naturally, not everyone is available to volunteer their services at our beck and call, so this process can take 24-36 hours. The result is this. (CPTV Mini Sport Meet is at 1448 lines)

Step 3 – Translating from raws
The translator will translate the video from Korean to English by playing back each line, and transcribe it. This is the most time consuming part because CPSS currently only has 1 native Korean translator. The speed for our translator is around 100 lines an hour, and can be slower when the girls are screaming simultaneously. Look at CPTV S2E10‘s subtitles when it is filled in.

Step 3.5a – Translating from Chinese
We also have good relationships with the Crayon Pop Taiwan Fanclub Subbing Team who have 2-3 translators. Whenever possible, we would share timings and translations with each other. Chinese to English Translations are made by 2-3 of our translators, and is significantly faster, but would still be at about 150 lines an hour. However, this results in an additional step.

Step 3.5b – Korean Quality Control (QC)
As the Chinese subtitles might not be accurate, or meanings get lost in translation from double translations, we require our Korean translator to ensure that the translations are accurate. This is still done at a rate of about 150 lines an hour.

Again using Aegisub, the typesetters’ job is to position the captions already timed by the timers into the right spot, choose the right fonts, put colors, shadows, borders to make the captions look as similar as the original Hangul captions. This is particularly time consuming on variety shows, as a plethora of effects are employed, such as fading, subtitles flying in and off the screen. Admittedly, this is of low priority since most captions do not add value on Korean variety shows. The biggest nightmare was Eunhee’s Clinic (1899 lines)

Step 4 – Editing
Our translation editor checks for grammar, spelling and translation. He makes sure that the names, nicknames and other terms used throughout the video are consistent. He rewrites the dialogues to make it more understandable to the viewers. Again, this is low priority, and certain mistakes are missed due to fatigue and for the eagerness to release it for everyone.

Step 5 – Encoding
We encode at the highest quality available to us at the point of the subbing process. The program ffmpegis used with the x264 codec. Depending on the length and quality of the video, it can take up to 0.5-1.5 hours to encode a video. A quick check after the encoding is done to make sure the audio is sync-ed.

Step 6 – Uploading
We upload our videos to YouTube mainly. Sometimes YouTube copyright bots spot a video immediately upon upload by a ContentID match and blocks it. CPSS is only allowed 2 such ContentID matches before features are disabled by YouTube, including the inability to upload anything longer than 15 minutes. This is in effect for 1 month, and a 3rd strike can get our channel deleted. If it’s impossible to upload to YouTube, videos are uploaded to our Google Plus page, Google Drive, Vimeo or Dailymotion.

We hope you have learned something new from this article, and realize how much work is put into translating Crayon Pop videos, despite the fandom being relatively small.

  • 張其端

    Thank you so much to teach us
    but i want ask , why just can save subtitle only ? cannot save subtitle and video together?
    subtitle type of the file is SSA , need how to make the video ? thx ^^

    • Administrator

      To combine the subtitles with the video, it is the encoding process (step 5).

  • This is much more complicating than I thought..

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    Icic.. subtitles are very hard… some suggests….
    1. Get in touch with Chrome Ent, ”no youtube copyright claims pls CEO Hwang! ;p”
    2.. If can’t really no possible way to upload Youtube, maybe release subtitles (.SRT file) & upload here so fans can watch original raw video with the subs.. I don’t understand why CPSS can not submit the subtitle file to Chrome
    so they can upload on Youtube captions, some1 pls enlighten?
    3. Maybe add a disclaimer eg ”Fansub not for sale or rent” something i see on Korean/Jap fansub dramas, as maybe such fansubs vids are sold as pirated DVD in.. sorry cant say the countries lol~~~
    4. many comments from well-meaning global fans on CPSS vids, its all good but the feedback is not directed to YongPop.. Anyway to get around this? Bar Bar Bar’s Dragon Spin was invented by fans right? & YongPop took the suggestion & use it!
    5. I know Chrome Ent is very new, but hope some1 ask CEO Hwang to hire a
    translator (maybe from CPSS???) I saw several other companies who
    hard-sub or use transcript/caption when new show or MV release..
    Lastly, thank you to the subbers! Pls no flame me, i mean well truly!!! 🙂

    • GBuster

      The content is usually more with the Korean media channel that the show came from, not necessarily Chrome. Korean media routinely blocks anything on YT with their programming.

    • mcf

      YouTube is going to add a feature that would allow fans to add their own translated subtitles to original videos (like how some K-drama sites work already):

      So, for the channels that allow it, that may make some of this process easier and avoid the copyright issues.

    • Administrator

      1. We have contacted Chrome and given our subs to Chrome before.
      2. There will always be ways to upload it somewhere with this site around.
      3. We are aware our subs are being sold on eBay.
      4. No comments
      5. CEO has mentioned before they plan to release subs more than half a year ago.

    • PopjusshiG

      5. Didn’t Chrome hire a subber and it went over like a lead balloon?

  • Rob B

    Subs for us English speakers are very hard, and I do thank all of you for making these videos available to us.

  • eeep

    i don’t mean to sound rude/ungrateful, it’s great that you subtitle the videos for us, but I have to point out that rather than ranting to a handful of impatient idiots, time could be better spent on actually subtitling the videos.

    • marvin2

      Enough is enough if I would say, it’s time for those impatient idiots to learn that subbing and translating is not easy and they do not pay the translators and coordinators anything to demand a subbed video just when the raw video is released. 🙂

    • Administrator

      Read the process carefully, if the subtitling is stuck in one step, the other team members can’t do anything.

  • WilliamBlake

    And I, for one, greatly appreciate CPSS’ hard work to give us quality subs!
    Who cares *when* the subs come out, I’m just glad that there even are people who take time out of their days to bring us non-Korean-speaking fans this invaluable yet free service. Thank you!

    • dayana barradas

      yes, your right, and me too, tHANkkkK U

  • Sakurai Kei

    You guys are the best! Thanks for the all hard work!

  • KEN


  • poppincrayon

    Thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate it.

    I remember when ya’ll deleted the first CPSS channel. It was very traumatizing. lol I’m glad you decided to keep up the good work.

  • Kat CrazyRevy

    I’ve been watching Subbed things for years now and never knew just what each person did but I always knew it was time consuming and I’m always super thankful to the people who sub as other wise I’d never know what was truly going on. I wish I knew another language to offer help but sadly I don’t.

    So to all of you at CPSS thank you very much!!

  • caizen

    Thanks admin and cpss, I know it is really hard work.
    I always search for their raw videos because they are fun even if I don’t understand it.
    When i see the comment that seems to push cpss to sub it faster, I almost curse at them.
    Like what the, sub it yourself if you want it faster.
    Well I know they mean no ill but its kinda annoying to be honest.

  • Drakis07

    I’m a two fluent language speaker french and english, so i know already how hard and long it can be to just translate Korean language who is like lot of asian language hard to learn and translate and even more doing subtitles.
    I bow down and i want to deeply say thank you to all the team of CPSS for their hard works and dedications to bring to us non-speaking-Korean fans subtitles all around the world. I appreciate it very very much.
    I don’t know about asian languages but if one day you need something to be translate from french to english or english to french my service is yours if i have some free time.

  • PopjusshiG

    Thanks again for everyone’s hard work at CPSS! I always try to thank you all after each new sub, but sometimes forget, my most humble apologies for that.I was surprised when you started as this is more work for you, but
    I/we are grateful you did, fantastic resource!

  • dayana barradas

    u guys r jut awesome.. im thankfullll..

  • Donnie G

    OMG! This process is intense! If I were more fluent in Korean I would definitely help but I speak it on an elementary level. UGH!