Crayon Pop Twins Choa and Way for Instyle Photoshoot

On 23 April, fashion magazine ‘InStyle’ released girl group Crayon Pop’s twin members, Choa and Way’s pictorial shoot, which has attracted the attention of fans.

In the publicly released pictures, Choa and Way were full of smiles. Although their attire and hairstyles were different, as twins, they looked like the same person at a glance. According to officials on site, the theme of the day’s shoot was “Sticker Prints”. Whenever Choa and Way finished taking a round of photos, they would rush to check the results of the shoot. Both of them kept giving suggestions to each other such as, “Don’t jump too high, how about jumping lightly”, “your expression isn’t pretty enough”, showing off their twins bonding. In an interview, both of them expression that, “since elementary school, they had been in the same class until high school. And they also studied in the same high school.”

Fans can enjoy Choa and Way’s pictorial shoot through fashion magazine, ‘InStyle’.

They also took a photo to support InStyle.

Instyle’s May edition has the lovely twin sisters #CrayonPop #Choa #Way #KKS

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Source: Naver Entertainment News