Crayon Pop TV – Season 3 Episode 1

After a long wait, the third season of CPTV has finally begun! CEO Hwang was also in attendance for Crayon Pop’s show in Las Vegas and he did some filming while he was there. We’ve been seeing teasers of him editing the footage and now it is released.

  • ellin sonniga
  • numetal_militia


  • p-trom2

    their memorized english is so funny and cute. “my name is ellin…” i was waiting for her signature “im fine thank you and you” would have been hilarious XD. slayon pop killin it in kpop since 2012

    • ChillerSEAWEED

      At the same time, it’s great to see improvements in her English knowing one day you can/might have a proper conversation with her instead of dat awkward language barrier silence.

      • 30minb4foodorderedhours

        It’d great if they learned some basic English, like hi hello what’s your name thank you. But I don’t want them to become as fluent as Asian Americans because I think it’ll lose half of their appeal.

  • Man they look amazing in casual clothing :3