Crayon Pop turned up to Bumkey’s wedding

On 13 June 2014, Bumkey had his private wedding ceremony with his bride DJ Kang Da Hye at The LaVille. Crayon Pop was one of the invited guests among Bumkey’s  fellow labelmates and other hip hop artists.

Bumkey and Crayon Pop have had a long history together, with Bumkey being involved in their vocal training and audition process. He even featured Ellin in his ‘Attraction‘ MV and cameo-ed for Crayon Pop’s ‘Uh-ee‘ MV.

bumkey wedding

Source: InstizBB

  • TinPeiLingFan .

    Love it when discovering a new piece of YongPop history!
    Watching Bumkey’s MV now with Elgu in it!
    Hope any fan can point out where I can watch vids or read on this ‘long history’ of Bumkey & CP.

    • Administrator

      There’s not much information/pictures beyond what is said, since this happened way before Crayon Pop became popular, so there’s no media coverage on it. As seen in the Uh-ee MV making video, Crayon Pop addresses Bumkey as teacher.

  • GBuster

    Thankfully Bumkey helped cleared up the ‘issue’ with CP being at the wedding. So dumb the netizen reaction.

  • noskire32

    I don’t see anything wrong with the picture, or rather with them wearing white..
    Am i wrong with this?