Crayon Pop to participate in 2014 Hallyu Dream Concert

Crayon Pop will be among the many artists attending the Hallyu Dream Concert on 28 Sept 2014. It is planned to be held in Gyeongju Citizen’s Stadium in Korea.


Source: Ravie, Chosun

  • Amo

    Oh it’s in Korea?!! I thought it was in Japan for some reason. Ok.. I’m going to try and go.. must find tickets!

  • Robert Rickett

    Wow, that’s a lot of big names.

  • GBuster

    I believe they were at last year’s concert too.

    • poppincrayon

      that wet stage scares me.

    • I loved their performances! 🙂

  • poppincrayon

    Didn’t they have trouble at the last one? Can’t exactly remember, but didn’t Choa have to wash her hair in the bathroom sink at one of those Dream concerts?