Crayon Pop to debut subunit in October + push back full-length album release

Crayon Pop will get you ‘jumping’ with their upcoming subunit this October!

Their agency Chrome Entertainment stated on the 23rd, “Crayon Pop members will form a subunit and begin promoting next month… This subunit will show a different color and charm from that of Crayon Pop.”

This has us wondering who the members in the unit will be, and whether it is ChoA and Way, who were previously rumored for unit promotions.

However, with the subunit’s debut, Crayon Pop’s full-length album that was announced to be coming our way, has now been pushed back.Their agency rep revealed this will give them time to raise the quality of their album, stating, “Because it is their 1st full-length album, we are putting our all into working on the title track as well as all the other tracks to raise the quality… We thought that there needs to be adjustments made to the overall album after considering Crayon Pop’s various colors and concepts during the full-length album preparation so we decided to delay the release of the full-length album.”

In other news, the ‘2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert’ will be held at Shinagawa Stellar Ball, Tokyo on October 4!

Source: allkpop

  • Amo

    Judging by the hair styles, I think the sub-unit will be Choa and Way. They might have been thinking of promoting the Sub-unit before the Gaga tour (seeing as they had their hair styles and clothes similar as shown in a few appearances). I’m looking forward to the ‘different colour and charm’. So exciting!

    • apieth

      Judging by hairstyle? Geummi and ellin have a new hair too kekeke
      Pushed again.. Hmmmmm
      They have quite many schedule in oct already..
      Maybe have no time to promote

      • Amo

        Haha that’s a good point. By hairstyles I meant that they are trying to highlight the fact that they are identical twins ^^

  • GBuster

    I guess this means their first recording of the full album wasn’t really good at all. Of course with the delay the media attention gained from the LG tour is beginning to wear off so they best hurry at the same time.

  • Tracy Eden

    What? What? What? What? WHAT????? Sorry, but, What? Put off? Nooooooo! Subunit? Aren’ they still a little new to fame to be doing this? I mean, I know they’ve been together quite a while, and yes they are truly excellent and the picture of professionalism but they haven’t even done that first album yet! They should be working on that, not a subunit!!! Just my opinion…….What????????

  • Donnie G

    Oh man delayed again. This has me worried.

    • GBuster

      It is odd news and timing tells me the record is nowhere near complete.

  • Kuch

    I’m hoping for a Geummi & Ellin subunit. Their lower tone voice is totally cool for a sexy concept but I know most fans don’t want to see a sexy concept from Crayon Pop.

  • adg127

    Is this definitely a second delay? Because I don’t remember allkpop ever writing an article about it being delayed before, and the way its written makes it seem like there’s been only one delay…. or maybe that’s wishful thinking…

    • GBuster

      Well technically the album was delayed last Spring because of the Lady Gaga tour. Then it was delayed a second time from Sept to Oct. This would make it a third delay.

  • NeonMoon

    With Soyul being out sick for a week, They probably just wrapping up recordings, but MVs and actual album production should take another month..good move by sustain the momentum CP got from Lady Gaga tour, by promoting the subunit as a fill in for Oct. instead of going dark/black for the month..the girls must have discussed this thoroughly and agreed to this..seems they participate in the decision making of their group..Since the delay is heading toward the holiday season, including a new Christmas song should boost more sales..for concept about the Beatles Sgt. Pepper Mystery Tour looks …Super Junior scored big with the matador/gringo for your thoughts…lol

  • 1. My sub-unit guess is Choa-Way-Soyul or ChoA-Way cause maybe they will try to highlight the ‘twin’ concept since it’s rarely done?
    2. Maybe in future? A sub-unit of YongPop + Bob Girls.. or a collab song, cross promo etc? :))