Crayon Pop to Comeback in February with Shinsadong Collaboration

On 2 Jan 2015, it was announced that Crayon Pop is preparing a comeback with dance music created by Shinsadong Tiger. As this spells the first meeting between the artists, there is much expectation over their synergy.

An official stated that, “they’re neck deep in doing the finishing touches with Sinsadong Tiger and Crayon Pop’s comeback will be around the coming late February”. “Whether it be a single or mini album is something we have to wait and see”.

So far, Crayon Pop has stirred up the music arena with unexpected ideas such as motorcycle helmets in ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and headcloths in ‘Uh-ee’. Thus, much attention is centered around what fresh and original performance Crayon Pop will meet its fans with.

Editor’s note: As with all announcements, the date of comeback is subject to change unless a specific date is given.

Some comments

[+33, 0] Ukk, ㅋㅋSinsadong Tigerㅋㅋㅋㅋ Chrome is finally spending big let’s hit daebak this year!

[+27, -3] Are they finally scrapping the retarded taste concept? Retarded taste concept is no longer original. this seems like an opportunity for Crayon Pop. Because they’re working with Shinsadong Tiger though I have some expectations.

[+16, -2] It’s about time they arrived. It’s been a difficult wait …ㅠㅠ

Source: Naver News, The Fact