Crayon Pop to Comeback in February with Shinsadong Collaboration

On 2 Jan 2015, it was announced that Crayon Pop is preparing a comeback with dance music created by Shinsadong Tiger. As this spells the first meeting between the artists, there is much expectation over their synergy.

An official stated that, “they’re neck deep in doing the finishing touches with Sinsadong Tiger and Crayon Pop’s comeback will be around the coming late February”. “Whether it be a single or mini album is something we have to wait and see”.

So far, Crayon Pop has stirred up the music arena with unexpected ideas such as motorcycle helmets in ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and headcloths in ‘Uh-ee’. Thus, much attention is centered around what fresh and original performance Crayon Pop will meet its fans with.

Editor’s note: As with all announcements, the date of comeback is subject to change unless a specific date is given.

Some comments

[+33, 0] Ukk, ㅋㅋSinsadong Tigerㅋㅋㅋㅋ Chrome is finally spending big let’s hit daebak this year!

[+27, -3] Are they finally scrapping the retarded taste concept? Retarded taste concept is no longer original. this seems like an opportunity for Crayon Pop. Because they’re working with Shinsadong Tiger though I have some expectations.

[+16, -2] It’s about time they arrived. It’s been a difficult wait …ㅠㅠ

Source: Naver News, The Fact

  • Taylor Simon

    Did CEO Hwang just abandon the full album all together or something?

    • touchthesky

      Looks like it. 🙁

    • NeonMoon

      Maybe Shinsadong approached Chrome with collaboration with CP, an opportunity they can not refuse…for instance there was no way they’d refused opening for Lady Gaga…growing pains…good things happen on the way to the top…it’s great the girls are attracting top artists attentions..

    • eric

      Mr Hwang seems to play his cards close to his chest but then sometimes you get these statements as if he is trying to keep the troops peaceful.

  • apieth

    I wish for full album ^^

  • h4iumb1

    Welcome to the Big Leagues! Shinsadong Tiger is known for his hits, hope he has another one up in his sleeves for our girls.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    After Hey Mister was released, I commented on Reddit that maybe we were entering a new era of Crayon Pop songs, tailored specifically for them by established writers. I didn’t expect that comment to be all that controversial, but many suggested that this would be the beginning of their songs sounding “like everyone else’s songs,” case in point, Hey Mister itself, which many compared to typical Orange Caramel fare.
    That’s a fair concern, but it misses a big point – Crayon Pop has always relied on outside writers. As much as we fans love the Dumb & Dumber songs, none of them did much on the charts; Kim Yoo Min (the 3Bar composer) seems to have burned his bridge at Chrome; Eun Jong Tae wrote for Bob Girls and Strawberry Milk, but nothing caught on. As obsessed and crazy fans of course we will love them whether they’re competing in the big leagues or not, but how long can we expect any of the members to bust their butts if they feel like they’re going nowhere?
    I hope for more songs like C’mon C’mon, no special gimmicks, just good solid pop songs and videos that show off the girls rather than breaking the budget with CGI effects. Crayon Pop has a niche – happiness. If you look at a band like Apink, they have a niche too – wholesomeness. There’s nothing particularly exceptional about Apink’s songs, they’re just good solid songs that fit their niche. I hope the same for Crayon Pop.

    • PopjusshiG

      Don’t want to fight, I disagree.

    • Always enjoy & appreciate your comments 🙂 Was very surprised u predicted & commented that YongPop would form a sub-unit way back in Sep2014, simply by analysing the gradual change in Choa-Way’s hairstyle:

    • GBuster

      I will say if Chrome ENT had the financial status of companies like YG and SME, the success of Crayon Pop’s songs would be greater. An oversaturated market by middle of the pack companies like Chrome and the newbie ones drown out what would otherwise be mainstream successful songs.

      • NeonMoon

        David vs Goliath…you know who wins there..

    • h4iumb1

      The problem for groups like Crayon Pop or the likes of SPICA was and never will be the music. K-POP sells an image in a package that contains a lot more than just the music. And that’s why I started to follow Crayon Pop, because they are as close to being themselves as you can probably be in this business. G-Dragons recorded flatulences will be album of the year because he is so hip. And every 3rd class SNSD song will rise to the top because of their fanbase, while 9 muses still are the wannabees-GG despite some solid songwriting. And APink are oppas dream because they are sooo sweet and sooo innocent – who cares about the song? But I hope that Shinsadong Tiger finds the right mix of chart-topper and Crayon Pop-sound that will let them be successful but still recognizable – not S.Tiger-project XXIII.

      • PopjusshiG

        I agree! It is sad that the actual music doesn’t matter as much as it should, but pop music is often like that. As long as pimple faced teens drive the numbers it will always be this way.

  • Hector M.

    I want the Full Album as promised.
    And.. anyone knows where can I listen to their Japanese album released in november? or download it? I know, I know… no piracy. Promise to Buy it when I have the money, but I can’t right now and I want to listen to it. Please help.

    • eric

      go to itunes surely you can afford a couple of dollars

  • Neomoon

    Don’t tell me …Is Crayon Pop going sexy with Shisadong Tiger’s style??..should stick to cute n naughty..2015 should be another breakout year, after riding the wave in 2014 collecting the fruits from their BARx3 smash hit in 2013…they have achieved much for just 2.5 yrs. old group..would like to see them as top 10 girl group..

    • Tiger just crafted a song to fit APink perfectly and knocked down#1’s for weeks. I feel Ike he can fit a song for the girls that will take them to the next level.

      • r u refering to Apink’s ‘Luv’ song? I’m refering to wikipedia & the official MV now. So this ‘Shinsadong Tiger’ wrote this hit song?

        • yes, they did an interview with him where he sketched out how he crafted the song to fit their newer image. Guy is solid.

  • robertrickett

    I excited that CEO Hwang is investing wisely. I’m looking forward to it.

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I would love to see them use Fashion Killer again. The costumes for Lonely Christmas were my favorite and uniquely Crayon Pop. The choreography may be the most essential element, but so far they have never disappointed use with unique and interesting dances. It’s been a long wait, but I have a feeling it will be worth it.

  • NeonMoon

    Only If they can create a new dance catchy like Psy’s Gangnam style or better than their trademark 5 cylinder jump in’ Barx3…

  • Chrome is now worse than YG with these album/song delays. Ugh. Wasn’t the new album originally due out in April of last year? And then delayed for no reason. And then delayed due to opening for Lady Gaga, then delayed, delayed, delayed, and now – ‘late February’ for new song, _maybe_ only a mini album? Jeebus!

  • Kid-Simple

    I wonder how much it costs for a song by an established songwriter? There are so many groups that want good songs, it must cost a lot. Hopefully they find a good match for them and get to promote it a long time. It’s really rare for a song to last a long time in the public these days. Hey, if it starts flagging maybe we can get Pharkil to make a legendary fancam for us! Lol, stay ready Ellin. 🙂

    • eric

      Must be different in Korea.Sony have a music bank for aspiring song writers so if an artist needs a song to fulfill contract agreements they can dip into the bank.Usually the star performers write their own music and if you look at western music apart from a couple of high profile lady singers in the past most have song writing ability which is almost a prerequisite these days to stay on top of the heap.

  • eric

    Now where gone from one completely new proper album of 8 or more songs promised last year to maybe one song with a music track as the second or maybe an extra song
    This is all sounding a little strange to me
    .Chromes top group all of a sudden missing in action.Okay they seem to be doing a lot of cross promotion work and eating food but at the same time I look at the Chrome stable and apart from the Strawberry Milk caper everything else seems to be sinking.There just does not seem to be any material being produced.
    My personal opinion is that Mr Hwang has come back to the well too many times and I can see some excess baggage being shed this year.