Crayon Pop to appear on MBCevery1’s ‘A Celebrity Lives in My House’

Crayon Pop will be appearing on MBCevery1’s ‘A Celebrity Lives in My House’ Part 1 on July 3, 11pm KST! Knowing the girls, it will be a great show to look forward to!

The format of the show will be of them being 5 daughters, who were initially worried about the place, since the 5 of them would have to wash and sleep together. Despite the worries, they still changed their clothes without covering the cameras, which was a first for celebrity guests.

Source: MBCevery1, mydaily, newsen

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    That’s the same “Mickey Mouse Butt” t-shirt that Way wore at LAX when they arrived for KMF, and she still had lighter hair, so I guess this was recorded around that time.

  • ChillerSEAWEED

    What sort of show is it? Drama? Variety show? Camping?

    • Administrator

      It’s considered reality variety. You can find other celebrities’ episodes on the net.