Crayon Pop supports the ALS Research Campaign and does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Bumkey had nominated Crayon Pop to show support for the ALS campaign and to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge was performed in China where they have their schedules for events there. Crayon Pop in their message nominated Kim Kyung Ho (who sang a rock version of Uh-ee on ‘Countdown Vocal War 100 Seconds Before’), Ylvis (who collaborated with them on-stage at MAMA), and Sony Music Korea’s CEO for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Hello. We are Crayon Pop.
Thanks to Bumkey sunbae-nim’s nomination, we have this opportunity to  help people with ALS through this significant campaign and we are sincerely glad that we can participate.
We hope to lend our hands to help not only those with ALS, but as well as those who are suffering from other rare incurable diseases.
Since we are still in China, we will definitely donate to the Seung-gil foundation when we return to Korea. We hope that through this campaign we can gather the love of many people to give lots of strength and hope to ALS sufferers.
Thank you.

Translated by: 아그네스

Source: Facebook

  • Taylor Simon

    I can’t wait for Ylvis to respond to Crayon Pop’s nomination.

  • vericon

    Love this group! I knew if anyone would do it, it would be them 🙂

  • apieth

    They always took a part on every charity or event for making a Good cause
    Crayon pop is a Healing Group
    Love being their fans ^^

  • Amo

    I turned the volume down expecting heaps of screams. They did so well!

  • numetal_militia

    All idols doing this don’t seem to understand that the word ICE in the “ice bucket challenge” means there has to be actual cubes of ice in order to mimic the pain people feel with that dessease.

  • ccceden63

    They took this very seriously and respectfully. Such nice girls.