Crayon Pop reveal they were unable to recognize Lady Gaga without her makeup

Popular idol group Crayon Pop revealed during a recent interview that they were unable to recognize Lady Gaga when they first saw her because of the pop star’s rather ordinary, everyday look.

When asked about their first tour with Lady Gaga, Crayon Pop said, “Prior to Gaga’s first tour, we were rehearsing at Milwaukee, and there was this lady who was cheering us on saying, ‘I love Crayon Pop!’ At first we thought that she was a dancer, but we later found out that she was Lady Gaga. We couldn’t recognize her because she didn’t have any makeup on.”

The girls explained, “On stage, she always has a unique look with dark makeup, but at the time, she just had her hair loosely tied up and looked like a plain American girl. She kind of looks innocent. Later, the representatives told us that it was Gaga, so we later on went to her and thanked her [for cheering us on].”

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop joined Lady Gaga for her tour back in 2014 from June to July after achieving tremendous success with “Bar Bar Bar”.

Source: AllKpop