Crayon Pop on K-pop IDOL SECRET STAGE (KISS)

MCN (Multi-Channel Network) Treasure Hunter will be having an interactive idol program, ‘K.I.S.S’ (K-POP Idol Secret Stage) that will be aired live in Korea and China.

The rights to the show have been sold to PandaTV, OllehTV Mobile. It will be shown on YouTube for international (other than Korea and China). During the show, five girl groups, Crayon Pop, Laboum, Stellar, Tahiti, Sonamoo will appear. The broadcast will go on while having a real-time chat with viewers. The cast will plan their own content, and will include a activities such as singing, dancing, games, meokbang and cooking.

K.I.S.S will begin airing on 17 June, ending on 15 July. It will air from 9pm-11pm (Korea time) on every Friday. Every weekday, the cast will have their broadcast and voting from the first broadcast on the 17th will determine who obtains rewards at the end of 4 weeks. Crayon Pop is scheduled to appear on 17th and 24 June 2016 for now.


Source: MoneyToday

  • apieth

    1 vote for Crayon Pop from me

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      how to vote?

  • ezekiel

    i love the way they make the poster and give our girls bigger picture..^^. good job..

  • Giang Nguyễn Hoàng

    do anyone know how to vote for them? Please update the link when the show air 🙂

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    Guemmi meokbang pls

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