Crayon Pop on China broadcast ‘Day Day Up’

Crayon Pop will be starring in China satellite station, Hunan Television’s entertainment talk show ‘Day Day Up (天天向上)’.


On the 1st, Crayon Pop appeared on ‘Day Day Up’ together with Chinese singers Wei Yining, Wang Bowen and Chen Xiao for a special new year episode.


Hunan Television is one of China’s biggest regional broadcasters and ‘Day Day Up’ is a Chinese variety show that has garnered high viewership ratings over the years. Celebrities like Bill Gates, David Beckham, Kimura Takuya, etc have appeared on the program.

Crayon Pop performed their song ‘Uh-ee’ and the collaboration song ‘123 Happy New Year (123 新年好)’ on stage.

“Day Day Up”‘s MCs tried out the ‘chicken leg dance’ choreography of ‘Uh-ee’, showing great interest in them.


Crayon Pop will also quiz the MCs on Korean New Years related questions for the Chinese New Year special show.

Crayon Pop’s episode will broadcast on Hunan Television in China at 20:10 (local time) on 27 Feb 2015 in time for the Spring festivities.

Source: 10Asia