Crayon Pop on Arirang TV – Korea Today

Our favorite Korea Today reporter, Denny Hong interviews Crayon Pop after their return from the US. Clips of the fanmeet we organized were featured too!

  • Mitchell Lim

    Ah I love this pizza guy!
    The most gentle and adorable reporter~
    He is like a big brother to Crayon Pop already, a family ^^

  • Taylor Simon

    “In a few years, you could sell this on Ebay or something.”

    “In a few years? I could do it right now, but I won’t because it’s mine.”

  • NeonMoon

    Thank you Denny Hong n Korea Today for their support and helped put Crayon Pop on the map..a signed CP helmet was the highest bidded item, 1 million won, for charity auction recently..wonder how well comics r selling..

    • Administrator

      Only 200 were sold for the 1st volume. It is out of sale already. (Supposedly only 1000 prints only, and that might be spread out among the 5 volumes)

      • NeonMoon

        Wow..with such limited editions..going b valuable..not surprise to c on eBay or amazon ..thx for info..

        • GBuster

          Or a dedicated fan might help us all and have it ‘digitally’ available 😛