Crayon Pop Management Launch into Youku

The agency of girl group, Crayon Pop, Chrome Entertainment will be entering the Chinese broadcast content market through China’s largest online video platform Youku, which has daily average views of 500 million.

Chrome Entertainment Media Devision had signed an agreement on the 6th to produce its first program ‘Meteor Traces (流行星迹)’. It will begin airing through Youku at the end of the month and will be 4 episodes long.

Crayon Pop’s program will be an “outdoor variety show”, and they will visit their usual frequented restaurants and clothing stores. They will do missions and introduce Korean culture and tourist locations.

This contract is different from the usual show format export. It’s a collaboration between Chrome Ent. and Youku for a Korean style Chinese variety working together from scratch.

Chrome Entertainment also hired PD Ji Sunho, who was behind MBC Music’s ‘Survival OST King’, ‘Crayon Pop’s Colorful Growth Diary’, ‘Taming of the Bob Girls’, etc. as the director of their media division.

PD Ji also said that, “we will be making a leap into the Chinese market with this collaboration with Youku, and in the future, we will strive to promote Hallyu content, not only in China, but domestically and other parts of Asia as well.”


Source: Naver