“Crayon Pop is a failure? We are currently satisfied!” (Interview)

Crayon Pop’s beginning was Hurricane Pop, formed out of Serang, Geummi, Ellin, Choa and Soyul where they performed in China in January 2012.

In May, before debuting in Korea, member Serang left. At that time, member Choa’s younger twin sister joined, and they changed the group name to Crayon Pop. In the same year in July, they released their debut album, but did not receive much attention.

Despite this, Crayon Pop carried on with their promotions, and released their 2nd album in October, but were met with a cold reception again. Eventually, Crayon Pop had to walk the streets instead of appearing on music shows to promote themselves. They went to densely populated areas like Gangnam station, Myeongdong, Sinchon, Hongdae and Dongdaemun. They even performed on the streets in Japan.

In June 2013, ‘Bar Bar Bar’ was released. At that point in time, Crayon Pop didn’t realize that ‘Bar Bar Bar’ was the turning points in their lives.

Wearing the helmets and tracksuits, the ‘Straight 5 Cylinder Engine dance’ started to ignite. They began to appear on TV broadcasts, and changed their circumstances. Their ranking on the music charts started to reverse. On the Internet, there were lots of buzz and many video covers made. Compared to the domestic reaction, the overseas reaction was even hotter. In the end, it created a ‘trend’.
‘Bar Bar Bar’ got to the number 1 spot 44 days after their album was released. They also received the number 1 spot on a music show, and it was crowned the hottest song of 2013.

Besides all these benefits, Crayon Pop was invited by international pop-diva Lady Gaga to open for her North American concerts. And in 2015, they released ‘FM’ and have several individual activities.

Removing the helmets for a warrior concept was honestly worrying
“In the beginning, we wanted to be a proper girl group, showing off a cute and pretty image. But at that moment, differentiating ourselves was more important. Our personalities were acknowledged and liked. We don’t have to break the current mold to be loved by the public. Many idol groups are worried over their individual differentiating colors, but we have two differentiating factors that we are proud of.”

Crayon Pop’s helmets and tracksuits were obtained by ‘Bar Bar Bar’ on stage. Their differentiating factor was formed, so ‘without their helmets’, it might be awkward for Crayon Pop.
Every time a new song is released, a lot of effort is put into deciding on the concept.

“This time by taking off the helmets, and using a warrior concept, we were worried that the reaction would be weak without the helmets. Because we felt that if there were no differentiating factor between us and other girl groups, Crayon Pop’s existence would disappear”

Many people think Crayon Pop’s debut song was ‘Bar Bar Bar’, but it was in fact their 4th song after debuting for a year. So in a sense, ‘Bar Bar Bar’ is also a new beginning for Crayon Pop.

“To Crayon Pop, when we were starting from zero, we wanted to have something that only Crayon Pop could do on stage. Thankfully, we obtained that chance through ‘Bar Bar Bar’. We wish that we can keep maintaining that. If we threw away Crayon Pop’s color, we will be the first to feel a sense of regret (laughs)”.

Crayon Pop carried on releasing albums after ‘Bar Bar Bar’. In 2014, they were the opening guests for Lady Gaga’s concerts. It was an opportunity not many could obtain. They learned a lot from that experience, and will be a strong motivation in their future activities.

Having #1 as a goal? To be long-living is the real goal
“We had the experience of not being famous, unable to spread our name out. Through that, our mental strength has only grown stronger, so we are naturally hardier. (laughs) When we were doing guerrilla performances, all sorts of embarrassing things were done. So if we had not done anything, we would have been over. We welcomed these kinds of experiences, and enjoyed them. Only though these, did good things happen.”

For Crayon Pop, their optimistic outlook, and never-say-die attitude despite facing adversity is the springboard for the time when they soar their wings.
“‘Bar Bar Bar’ received more love than we anticipated, so from the reception we received after that, we are always thankful. Of course, we want to be better. But for last year, after our comeback, we went overseas, and let our fans waited a long while. Compared to obtaining a huge success, Crayon Pop’s future path is more important.”

Crayon Pop’s twins had formed a subunit “Strawberry Milk”, and they had individual solo digitals released. When they had time, they participated in OST work. According to the member’s specialty, they have done things like musicals, variety shows, web dramas. Compared to the entirety of Crayon Pop, they each showcase their individual and different talents.

“All 5 members will carry on presenting our different sides. And each of us will work hard to take on challenges on an individual level. Of course, that stems from the heart of being Crayon Pop. We have the wish to hold concerts. When we came up with ‘Bar Bar Bar’, the goal wasn’t number 1. To be the source of strength for someone, giving them happiness and hope. We had talk that after ‘Bar Bar Bar’, Crayon Pop would be over…hahaha. The results on the charts are not how we measure happiness. We cannot guarantee that we would hit daebak every time. We are currently very satisfied.”

Source: Naver News

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