• apieth

    The day before, running man cast arrive in jakarta, so many fans come but they use vip way out from airport.. No fans can meet them..

    So, the night before crayon pop come, i told to all sketchbookid in line group to not expecting too much at the airport.. Just pray for the best.. Feels like gambling

    I believe crayon pop decline the vip gate offer and choose the normal gate to make us happy…
    Very beautiful moment ^^
    first meeting is 5 minutes, next is 5 hours, and 5 days ^^
    Let’s meet again, we wants to play and have a conversation with crayon pop^^
    I envy with korean fans ^^

  • juu

    I am so envous I want to cry ;(

  • CulturedApe

    Awesome! I would love to hear from other Indonesian fans as well

  • Tiz Style

    Good job Indonesia fans you work hard